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Outcomes of the East African Internet Governance Forum PDF Print E-mail

12 October 2009 

In a draft article from Alice Munyua, the convenor of the East African Internet Governance Forum, a number of outcomes are reported as follows:

1. There was consensus around the need to complete and approve the East African Communication policy, as well as development of additional policy frameworks covering broadband, spectrum management, cybercrime, consumer protection and Intellectual property.

2. The need for increased civil society advocacy for better quality of service, universal affordable access, and legal framework for consumer issues including codes of conduct was also agreed upon. The provision of transparent and accessible complaint resolution channels and promotion of informed consumer choice by providing publication of statistics and information to empower consumer choice was also a recommendation towards enhancing consumer protection. 

3. The critical Internet resources session recommended the need to strengthen country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs),  creation of national and regional data centres, strengthening  and protection of national and  regional internet Exchange Point (IXP) and awareness creation on IPv6- transition.

4. On cybercrime, there was consensus on the need for setting up of national and regional Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) to coordinate and respond to issues of Cyber security in the region. Participants also agreed on the urgent need to begin to address the specific needs of vulnerable groups like women and children and how they are affected by cybercrime.

While adopting the recommendations, forum participants acknowledged the need for sustainable means of  following  up on the issues with various activities, from encouraging further discussions, advocacy efforts, as well as development of necessary policy frameworks, at national and regional levels.

Participants also agreed that the issues needed to be presented at the global IGF and perhaps begin to explore ways in which they could be included and integrated within the IGF. The, Executive Coordinator for the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, Mr. Markus Kummer noted that while “much of the IGF discussions tended to focus on  international factors the development of  National and regional IGFs now have an even more important  role of informing the global IGF. The International level, he added, cannot work without national agreements and involvement as well as effective participation and commitment of all the stake-holders.

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