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Dgroup Weekly Roundup 3 -9th June 2013 PDF Print E-mail

1. Windows XP Activator. Initiated by Daniel Ninsiima

A new XP installation but that is not activated


http://www.wikihow.com/Activate-Windows-XP-Without-a-Genuine-Product-Key NOTE Illegal use of software is subject to civil damages of as much as $100,000

Open "My Computer" : the drive where your Windows installation is(C): "Windows" folder: "System32" folder : Look for "WgaLogon.dll" and "Wgatray.exe": Rename them : Restart your machine and go back to the same folder(C:\Windows\System32) : Look for the renamed files and delete them : go to your desktop and right-click, then select "Properties": Under "Theme", remove the "modified theme" and select the Windows XP" theme.


Why would someone on I-network still be running Windows XP, let alone a non-licensed one?

Conclusion/ Remarks

Have we thought about people running machines that can only use this particular OS?

Open source software like Linux is free of licensing problems, easy to use, of very high quality, handy and accessible with plenty of free high quality applications which too don’t have licensing problems.

Engage policy formulators to develop strategies (like FOSS) that will not only help the systems managers but also the users.

2. User managed SMS platform Initiated By Patrick Kadama

One that records customer log-ons and sends messages; has a phone book feature; allows for mobile money payment; has groups for the phone book ; can assign multiple roles for users; has some sort of report/analytics .




Oscar Byamugisha :Mob+256 792 556 776

Samuel : 0772 430202 www.schoolwrite.co.ug

http://omnitech.co.ug/?q=node/17 : 0712075579 or 0714505033 for more information


Conclusion/ Remarks

3. Mac Book Laptop Needed(Urgent) Initiated by Jonathan Mpamgo


"Elite computers" garden city


Conclusion/ Remarks

4. Are Uganda's Armed Forces Digitally Compliant? Initiated By James Wire

While we have mastered the art of ensuring physical security, the world is currently faced by bigger threats that seem to be embracing technology



Conclusion/ Remarks

Beef up forensics work in the Uganda Police, counter intelligence efforts as well as thwart any potential digital attacks by:

Use of Open Source Software licenses for sensitive software systems; due diligence on acquired hardware to be used in sensitive installations; train and facilitate digital forensic specialists to match global standards; research team to continuously study digital vulnerabilities ; re-skill the top brass in the forces.

5. Sugar quoted Adverts "The big wedding" Initiated by Jimmy Bwambale

Airtel and Warid: A big wedding the will make 7.2M people happy" how is this when about 700++ Ugandans stand to lose their Jobs?


It will lead to greater industry stability, higher revenues for government and better quality of service. No one said that 700 people will lose their jobs it’s just hearsay.


I still have my DHCP beef with them.

Airtel may be using concepts that work in India and may not work here. Example: their advert

Conclusion/ Remarks

I subscribe to both, I am keeping both; Airtel for data, roaming and clarity of calls, Warid for the vast network of SMEs and business people.

6. Launch of CERT Initiated by Margaret Sevume

UCC has launched the Computer Emergency Response Team. (CERT).



Phase 1 (of 3) is completed.

Their services are available for everyone, free of charge to limit/prevent cyber crime.


Shouldn't this be NITA's pushing for such since it has a security dept. for government ?

Conclusion/ Remarks

Website requires some modifications.

The CERT launched will focus on the communication sector : Internet service providers. Membership is open and voluntary . NITA shall have the responsibility of setting up the National CERT. Sector CERTs can be constituents of the national CERT.

7. Smile : Now You Can Initiated by Margaret Sevume

Launch of 4G LTE Network



Smile 4G coverage map



MTN launched LTE some time last month but to really enjoy the speeds one has to be in a certain area of coverage with some sort of other device. This is likely to be the case here.

Conclusion/ Remarks

Does Smile intend to join the UIXP, what are their IPV6 plans? What regional coverage do they have? What are the challenges they are facing ?

Once we have all these LTE networks will they be inter-operable (able to move from one to another?)

Does network extend to Jinja (Ans : Not yet)

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