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Weekly Discussion Roundup 4th – 10th Nov 2013 PDF Print E-mail

1. Health experts call for accident care system Initiated by Margaret Sevume

Poor handling of emergency or accident victims is responsible for 50 per cent of the deaths that occur after accidents.


Soon, SAFEROAD is going to deploy undercover scouts in public vehicles.


The system started in 2008 but is not very effective because it doesn’t have the government’s backing to set policy.

Conclusion/ Remarks

Green Mugerwa's SAFEROAD project could be embedded during implementation.
It allows for relatives to get informed of the accident and promptly come to the rescue.
We all know that quality care at the hospitals may not be forthcoming without someone (in this case a relative) paying for it.

2. Airtel's took my money without giving me my data. Initiated by Jubilee Erisania Amooti

I loaded  airtime worth 4500,  asked for 80MB  at 2500/= . To my surprise the data was not sent and all my money was cut off



Had a similar problem and  decided to get back to my old MTN line for although there are issues, there are ways to sort them out.

Was told by customer care to forget the refund and move on.

Complaining with your wallet is very limited in Uganda because one  can’t keep moving from Telecom to Telecom for that isn’t good business as  customers will find it had to reach one. Regulators are asleep on the wheel !

Conclusion/ Remarks

The beauty about competition is that you are an empowered customer. Vote with your feet  by changing networks if your service provider can't sort you out.

If Telcos start losing money due to reduced users, they will pay attention to users’ complaints.

Empowered customers enable our service providers deliver a better service.

3. Uganda to host eLearning Africa 2014. Initiated by Pamela Kiria

This is an opportunity for educators and education stake holder in Uganda to learn, share and establish which eLearning methods are best suited for their various teaching environments.



Conclusion/ Remarks

1.       To those of you who are currently teaching or being instructed through some form of eLearning; what are some of the challenges you face?

2.       What would you recommend as solutions to these challenges?

4. Ipads for MPs.Initiated by Noah Sematimba

iPads for MPs cost UGX 8 billion. With 326 MPs, that makes a unit cost of UGX 24.5m per iPad, is that tenable?



Lets say each ipad costs 4,000,000 which is already quite high considering they are buying 326 pieces. If  they buy 350 pieces, that comes to 1.4Bn so that would mean that the custom content delivery system costs 6.6bn shillings!

6.6bn for capturing data?  Do the MPs even know how to use the ipads? They may end up being used  as video games by their primary school children. ICT is supposed to reduce costs while increasing efficiency and effectiveness but no one seems to know that.  We should be looking at buying Computers for the best school in every district and not just the MP.

Conclusion/ Remarks

They have an accompanying custom content delivery system built into the deal, hence the inflated cost.

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