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Weekly Discussion Roundup 18th-24th November, 2013. PDF Print E-mail

1. Orange 20,000/= airtime. Initiated by Francis Ekwaro

Problem with loading 20,000/= Orange air time voucher.


"Airtel is one of the few networks with ‘scratch gently’ clearly shown on the airtime cards. More so, on the silver foil which you are meant to scratch."


“I bought a 20,000/= Orange airtime voucher… I tried to load it but it failed ... [I called customer care] A customer service gentleman acknowledged that there is a problem with 20,000 airtime voucher loading however promised to load for me and asked me for the airtime serial number and number. To date no action has been taken. My efforts to contact customer service centre on 100 on phone the whole of yesterday where futile.”

“Orange has now joined the ranks of couldn't care less. I am still awaiting feedback from my 100k worth of cards and the customer service guy I spoke to (Steve) had the cheek to imply that I was wasting my time and his and should simply go to a service centre….”

“I took there [Orange] an affidavit from court to get some data and on arrival i was asked to pay 20000ugshs before it is received… 3 working days turned into 15 working days, each time i could go there, she could tell me the person responsible is out for an expo…  I finally got the data but after exerting pressure.”

“It happened to me with Airtel/ Warid, when i bought airtime and it was bad scratched,  i called customer care 124, I was told to wait for 24hrs, and now  2nd week, they have not reloaded my Airtime i was given different options including  that of *100Ash, but did not work for me.”

“I've tried payway a few times and have also failed to load airtime The scratch cards seem the most reliable way to load airtime from our Telcos.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“…So my brother, the right person to help you could be out either for expo or doing his or her business, stop calling customer care and go there physically.”

“I think you are also to blame. Airtel is one of the few networks with ‘scratch gently’ clearly shown on the airtime cards. More so, on the silver foil which you are meant to scratch. Since we are looking for solutions here on this forum stop buying scratch cards and use other none scratch options like Airtel money and Payway.”

2. Week 2: November 19-22 Global Surveillance Revelations and Impact on Africa. Initiated by Lillian Nalwoga

What are your views?


This week we would like to seek your views about the increasing global surveillance revelations and their possible impact on Africa/Uganda.”


Conclusions/ Remarks

“And for all those who want to know the A-Z of this surveillance issue, here this a link to the Guardian's interactive graphics.”

“I also came across this- Looks like Sweden has taken cyber surveillance to another level! I wonder what would happen in Uganda if we had such measures taken by our CERT team!”

3. ISP hyperbole on bill boards. Initiated by Davis J. Weddi

An extract from Joseph Kabuleta’s Facebook posting.



“Anyone driving through the streets of Kampala and observing the billboards could be led to believe Uganda has the most effective internet on the continent. The hyperbole carried in some internet adverts borders on criminal… Phone data is the worst. I once bought a day’s ‘bundle’… After 24 hours of failure… I got an SMS from the phone company apologising for problems they were experiences with data, apparently due to upgrades and all. I was flummoxed. Those guys turn off the data but keep the payment system on. Then they apologise and everything is ok. Only in Uganda!!!”

Conclusions/ Remarks

“Some ISPs have better coverage than others in some areas, and even then, for the various access technologies provided by a particular ISP (WiMAX, 3G, EDGE, ADSL...) one technology will be better than the others. Even better, most ISPs will not object to a pre-sale test of the solution they are selling, but few people take advantage of this.

Past that, you can negotiate for rebates on service outages when subscribing for service, it’s your money.”

“But soon… we will have reliable Internet and those dependent industries will improve- Google bringing high speed internet to Kampala."

4. UTL land lines. Initiated by David Hamya

Is UTL still operating land lines?


“There are those desk phones for UTL which are wireless. Perhaps you could invest in one to save yourself the hassle.”


“Mine and I guess my neighbour's [land line] have been off for the last 2 months and efforts to get it back on through UTL customer care have all not yielded any results. All I got was a reference number 6176. I have hassled to call through their customer care all they tell me is that the issue will be worked on. It’s now more than two months (still counting) and nothing has been done.”

Conclusions/ Remarks

“Do the reconnection yourself.”

“Finally someone from UTL has gotten in touch with me off list and has promised to fix and reconnect my line. I am humbly going to wait for them to do it.

I wanted to do the reconnection myself but my conscience kept on telling me not to…”



The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.


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