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New Computer for Rural Uganda PDF Print E-mail

 28th March 2007


The Minister of State for ICT  Alintuma Nsambu appeared before the
press to gain an opportunity to inform the public ON A NUMBER OF ISSUES:

For the last three months the Minister been has been working with the Americans to invent a computer which can be used in rural Uganda. A new computer, the first of its kind on the African continent, is made. The new computer has passed the test and ready for deployment.

day. It has 256 Mb of RAM and 40 Mb hard disc memory capacity. One The computer is half the size of a bible and powered by a motorcycle-size battery. The tiny, magic Computer can run for three days without recharging - assuming the user works for 8 hours per conventional PC uses the same amount of electricity (energy) as six Inveneo computers. The user has a solar panel for recharging the Inveneo computer. The tiny computer is internet ready with wireless capabilities. The user does not need a CPU or any form of power inverter/converter.  Because of its simplicity and low power consumption, the Inveneo computer is extremely fast. It has two operating systems: Microsoft and Open windows (Linux).

Nsambu wants the computer to go to the rural schools of Uganda where there is no electricity. In the area of Bonnabaggawale program (prosperity for all) the Inveneo computer will be very practical in collecting and storing data for SACCO members in rural Uganda. Inveneo Inc, a San Francisco organization that has helped Nsambu's ICT Ministry is headed by Mr. Mark Summer. The cost of the computer is $ 300.

In the same quest, Nsambu has worked with Inveneo Inc. to develop a new technology which is currently being deployed in Gulu. Using solar, the new wireless technology is linking up all IDP camps of Gulu. Aid workers and School children can transfer data and access internet from the municipality headquarters.

Caritas USA and the Archdiocese of Gulu are spear-heading the project.Nsambu is launching the new technology on Friday the 30th of March, 2007. Nsambu re-confirmed his dedication to helping rural and urban schools which would otherwise have no access to computer technology by providing them with state-of- the art computer labs. Starting June 21-July 9, 2007, 35 American students and teachers together with Microsoft employees are arriving in the country to set up 25 computer labs nationwide. The selected schools will be obtaining 15-70 computer laboratories.

Asked about his court case in Masaka, he said that all he knows, a former body guard and a UPDF deserter, Jane Kulubya alia Jane Nalubiri stole and forged his signature to rob him of money. He was also surprised that a magistrate made him lose a case where the original cheque was hidden by the prosecutors and run the court case on unsatisfied copies.

by the bank. He also further wondered how judgment would be passed. The cheque only appeared on judgment day. Healso wondered how judgment would be passed where no bank official was summoned to testify in court to verify why the cheque was not honored where no handwriting expert took a specimen from him and without testifying in court. The minister wondered why the magistrate, in the middle of the judgment day proceedings called him to his chambers and, without the complainant and asked him to give him the money claimed on the cheque.

The minister informed the press that heappealed and the case will be heard soon. He also informed the press that he also logged in his defense against the defamation charges logged by the magistrate who mishandled his case. The minister says that through this case the truth will come out and is ready with his lawyer (John Matovu). He said that his case is a representation of many problems his constituents.


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Anthony Eropu
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