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Weekly Discussion Roundup 20th-26th January, 2014. PDF Print E-mail

1. Super Model Lindsay Scott Developed an App for Uganda. Initiated by Margaret Sevume



Lindsay Scott's first iOS app was a charity-based project aimed at helping young scholars in Uganda.

"When I found out that Uganda has the youngest population in the world, And the highest youth poverty rate, I wanted to get involved," she said.


Conclusion/ Remarks

The app, “Educate!” finds sponsors for Ugandan students and guides them toward becoming leaders and entrepreneurs.

2. Stolen Laptop. Initiated by Paul Asiimwe

Laptop theft.



“Someone stole my Lenovo 5210 this afternoon. In case you hear anyone selling one, it may be the one. Kindly alert me!”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Be friends with some Facebook pages like Tradelinks Africa, Liquidation Uganda and others. They tend to sell off used stuff (not that they are all stolen). You might be lucky.”

“Everyone should take note of important laptop information like the laptop serial number and mac addresses.... just in case.”

“Is there a way for ISPs to provide a service blocking MAC addresses to limit these thefts?

I believe most gadgets must at one time or another access Internet so if one is lost reported and added for blacklisting (possibly at a fee), such thefts might wither.

I know Squid can but on the "same subnet" once configured with --enable-arp-acl”

“The ISP will never see your MAC address because your device is hidden behind many layer 2 devices that I believe strip off your MAC and put their own as you escalate up the chain.”

“Please to be on the safe side. By installing Quick Heal anti-virus which has a laptop tracker, you have a 75% chance of retrieving your laptop.”



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