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GOVERNMENT should not give limp attention to science and technology but instead invest in it if the future of this country is to be brighter, Gulu LCV chairman Norbert Mao has said.

Mao said this while opening a one day seminar on the challenges of managing and maintenance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipments for heads of organizations and students of computer science of Gulu University organized by i-network at Acholi Inn in Gulu on June 27th.

The seminar was to bring together different organizations and the students so as to interact on the best way the organizations can incorporate the students during their internships and they entrust the students with their (organizations) ICT equipments.

Mao said government should invest in bright people who click science the best knowledge to change the face of this country and Africa as a whole is science and technology.

He said Africa has always lagged behind in sciences which explains why the continent has remained poor despite lots of resources it has because transforming the resources into finished goods always need experts in technology from outside to explore the resources.

He noted that Bill Gate is the richest man in the world because he has invested in science and technology.
Mao said in this new era, ICT has become a tool for democracy therefore giving hard time to dictators as their plans are always known adding that ICT development should keep on expanding.

He called on i-network to invest in selling new ICT products to the local government noting the challenges of financial accountability in the local government which are very chaotic.


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