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Weekly Discussion Roundup 17th-23rd February, 2014. PDF Print E-mail

1. Section on ISPs in the Anti-pornography bill. Initiated by Kyle Spencer

Large-scale internet censorship


“That’s not internet censorship, that’s keeping bad stuff out of open and public view.”

“This is censorship, plain and simple...banning pornography gives you a moral high ground and it will have many proponents…”


“Is this really the direction we want this country to go?”

“Protect from what exactly? Also who defines bad stuff? Do you know what next will be banned, facebook and twitter because you know "bad stuff" is found there and then what?

Ugandans should stop giving the government more and more responsibility over their own personal lives...”

“Bad stuff is a point of view - should we ban cars because miscreants use them to run crime?”

“But next and yes they will be a next will be sites with material or info that the government does not agree with....you cannot open the door a little on censorship it just keeps getting wider and wider.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“”Please be aware that the recently passed anti-pornography bill includes this text:

17. Internet Service Providers (ISP).

(1) An ISP who, by not using or enforcing the means or procedure recommended by the Committee to control pornography, permis to be uploaded or downloaded through its service, any content of a pornographic nature, commits an offence and is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding five hundred currency points or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both.

(2) Where a publisher or broadcaster or internet-content-developer or dealer in telephone-related business or Internet Service Provider

(ISP) commits an offence under subsection (1), the court convicting that person may, for a subsequent offence, by order, suspend the business.

“It's upon parents to teach the kids safe and productive internet usage.””

“If you're concerned for your children, be their parent!”

“‘What shapes us is often beyond a parent's control’ Steven Pinker 2002.”

2. Facebook to buy Whatsapp. Initiated by Brian B.

What this could mean for users.



“Ads to appear in messages or more loss of privacy?”

“I think we're gonna see face-book messages filter through whatsapp! And that takes chatting to another level.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“[Due to ads] Users may shift to apps like Viber that offer free chats plus voice calls unless they remove the annual subscription on Whatsapp.”

“Nothing is going to change just like facebooks acquisition of instagram.”

“More chatting, cheaper communication!”

3. Unsolicited text messages and charges. Initiated by Julius K. Mugyenyi

Messages from 181 code.



“Who could the owners of this +181 code, they subscribed me for job alerts and romantic messages without my consent and they are now charging UGX 160/= forcefully. I need them to unsubscribe me……”

“I received a message from those guys today after they promised they would work on it promptly yesterday.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“…You are an Airtel subscriber, if you call customer service or Denis on 0752…; you can ask to be unsubscribed.”



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