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Since late 2006, WOUGNET and I-Network  partnered in an e-Society programme that seeks to foster collaboration between local government and civil society in Apac district through the use of ICTs.  With financial and technical support from Hivos and IICD, it involves local government at the district and sub-county levels as well as civil society organisations active at district and community level. Experiences with joint civil society and government activities in e-governance on a local level are not common and are not widely documented. Through the e-Society programme, IICD and Hivos wish to explore and operationalise, together with government and civil society partners, the opportunities of improved governance and service delivery through the use of ICT. Hivos and IICD consider this as an incubator for a workable e-Society model at the district level that can and should be rolled out in other districts. To ensure that lessons learnt do actually lead to improvement of the model, monitoring and evaluation will be key activities in this process – and it is here that WOUGNET and I-Network, the local national partners, play a major role. 

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