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Weekly Discussion Roundup 24th – 30th March 2014 PDF Print E-mail

1. Tax ID. Initiated by George Onyango

Highlight what is involved and how long this could take, given I have all requirements to acquire a Tax ID



Conclusion/ Remarks

Get copies of two identification options e.g your work id and a bank statement. It takes at most two days.

2. Gayaza High School wins Microsoft ICT award Initiated by Margaret Sevume

It was one of three schools from around the world that received $15,000 for its innovative use of technology in helping local entrepreneurs.



Conclusion/ Remarks

This  was presented at the close of the 2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum last week in Spain

The school provides entrepreneurs with access to computer programs and the internet to market their businesses, build websites, monitor profits and manage their accounts, as well as  creating an online portal of best practices with links to videos showing the production processes of small-scale local enterprises in Uganda.

3. "Facebook Likes" Vs "People Talking about"...Which is really relevant to My Business. Initiated by Julius Kateega

What is the use of spending so much money on Facebook Ads, when the resulting likes (or people that like) don’t turn into interested clients?



Conclusion/ Remarks

The two are actually related. A rise in one (likes) is likely to cause a rise in the other (talking about).

People talking about is on average about 10% of the likes, but some pages like Airtel Uganda, NTV Uganda and Bebe Cool that are massive on likes, have such decimal numbers on “Talking About”.

4. Laptop tracking Initiated By Emmanuel Sekyewa

Has anyone had any luck tracking a lost laptop using hardware? (an obscure chip perhaps?) Is this possible for a normal business entity?


Contact SmartTrac for a customised solution.


You may want to consider microdot technology.


Conclusion/ Remarks

It would be nice if we were appraised in general terms of how smart-trac goes about it.

Theoretically, if the person uses broadband internet on your stolen computer, it can be tracked and registration info used to get the ID of a person with the equipment.

5. Advert Initiated By Twamale

Why get paid big sums of money for just posting an advert?



Don’t be quick to draw conclusions.

Conclusions/ Remarks

It’s a scam. CERT at UCC can explain better.

…”Stay clear of listings that offer you high income for part-time hours. They will do none of the above….”

…….”.There is no job.  ……There is only a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money and maybe your freedom”

6. The Unprecedented Rise of Mobile Money initiated By George Oryang

In less than 2 years, Mobile Networks will have parts of them operating as Financial Institutions


Banks are going to cut and eventually scrap all their long, boring & tedious procedures, otherwise, mobile money is going to beat them at their game.

In time, you would be able to pay for goods without even holding any currency.


The downside? Mobile money is akin to walking around with your savings as if with your own bank.

The ease with which you transact your business is  the same ease with which you can lose all your money.

Conclusions/ Remarks

The fact that phone numbers are now registered, this kind of crime can be foiled by tracking who drew the money.


The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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