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I-Network Seminar on Optimisation of Bandwidth for Users PDF Print E-mail

On Wednesday 3rd December 2008, I-Network held a seminar to share knowledge on how users can optimise the bandwidth. The aim of this seminar was to share tips, information and knowledge on the issues that affect the bandwidth that users pay for. Mr. Reinier Battenberg from Mountbatten gave an interactive presentation on the topic and members from the audience from ISP e.g. UTL, Africa Online and MTN backed him up on the issues raised that affect the bandwidth that an ordinary user pays for.Some of the issues raised at the seminar included:

  1. ISPs are not transparent enough and never tell you about all the factors that affect bandwidth e.g. contention ratios. 
  2. ISPs do not explain to their customers exactly how the internet works for example, no effort is made to distinguish between local traffic and traffic from the ISP to the internet and how that affects user speeds
  3. ISPs need to work together a lot more in the areas of caching and keeping local traffic local 
  4. There is still a lot of room for local content generation and we need to start generating local content.
To optimise bandwidth, users were given the following tips:
  1. Update Windows and anti virus programs (to prevent malware)
  2. Schedule updates (Windows, anti virus) for off-peak hours or run them manually when there is light traffic.
  3. Use a cache server(works like a storage space where downloaded files can be kept so that they can be retrieved locally later.)
  4. Use a download helper ( resumes download from where you stopped instead of starting a fresh download) examples are flashgot and download helper
  5. Monitor traffic to determine what users are surfing. (Cache popular sites like Google or warn those misusing it)
  6. Find out exactly what you are paying for. (dedicated / shared bandwidth)
  7. Institute a policy banning surfing of social sites during office hours
Download the full presentation.
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