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Weekly Discussions Roundup 28th April – 4th May. 2014 PDF Print E-mail


1. Accounting Package for Small Agricultural Enterprise Initiated by Stephen Musoke

Looking for an accounting package for small a agricultural enterprise.





Conclusion/ Remarks



Contact Christopher Kasangaki

Mobile: +256 772 648222
+256 752 648222
+256 701 648224
Fax, Voice, Int.: +447092178997
Gmail, Hotmail:chriskasangaki
skype: kris-kay

2. Software filter for nudity & porn content Initiated by Godfrey Ssali

Is there a software / mechanism i can use so as to control what my kids watch on internet at home while am away?




I am building a wireless AP based on raspberry Pi and Squid maybe dansguardian for the same purpose for my home.



Conclusion/ Remarks

Is it possible to filter only what is offensive and not block relevant materials ,as some even block yahoo from being accessed.


Use an add-on such as ProCon Latte or a third-party web filtering application such as the free K9 Web Protection.

You can also set up an account at OpenDNS to block porn sites.

3. National ID Registration Initiated by Tony Bbosa

Please go and register, the exercise is on in all parishes across the country. for more info, visit the project website http://nsis.go.ug/.


The procedure is as simple as presenting yourself to the nearest enrolment centre with in your parish of residence or your home area. If you have any document that can be used to verify you, please come with it.



In this day and age, can’t we have this exercise online?  At least 85-90% then simply appear for the finger print scan, photo shot & fresh signature? (Response: A number of limiting factors emerged that prompted to defer online registration for the future.)


Why not put a live GIS map on your site to show the areas where registration will be taking place?


Why not self register, like was done for URA?


Why does the process take too long?

Conclusion/ Remarks

What is the procedure like? Are a passport and a birth certificate enough? How will our illiterate kin be able to understand and fill the form(s)? (Response: As you have always done to support your relatives, who can’t read , write, are blind or handicapped, please do the same during this project. But if someone has no body to help, the enrolment officers will help at no cost.)

It is still best to have this done properly, manually and physically so that the first-time checks and balances are performed.

Even with online access, you will note that a large majority of the online population only know about social media (Facebook specifically).

4. Internet Explorer security flaw. Initiated by , "Uganda Computer Emergency Response Team UgCERT"

Reports have been circulated of a  Microsoft Internet Explorer Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2014-1776), that affects all versions of Internet Explorer.





Conclusion/ Remarks


5.  MTN Internet sooo slow Initiated by David Hamya

Is any body on MTN internet also experiencing slow internet speeds.




These same MTN guys tell us that they have 3 uplink connections ( EASSy, TEAMs, SAT3 ) and guarantee us reliability. Well i think its lie.


Conclusion/ Remarks

Is it deliberate or technical?


What devices you guys are using? And what service packages did you pay for? Sometimes these matter. I never hear complaints from the guys on the faster and uncapped MTN data services.

6. mDex- an application that diagnoses sickle cell anaemia. Initiated by Pamela Kiria

Bonita Nanziri, a student from Makerere University, formed AfriGal Tech (a 4girl group) to work on technologies to fight sickle cell anaemia.


AfriGal Tech has developed an app, mDex, that diagnoses the disease.





Conclusion/ Remarks


7. NBS Android App Launch Initiated by John Birungi Babirukamu


NBS Television will be officially launching its Android App on Monday 5th May 2014.

It is however available on Google Play and you can get there through www.nbs.ug/mobile.



Conclusion/ Remarks


8. Integrating a short code into my SMS app Initiated by Daniel Ninsiima

Do you know of any company that I can partner with to receive my messages (through unique keywords) and route them to my app. I will pay for the charges so that farmers can use it for free, but in arrears.





Conclusion/ Remarks

Go to New vision digital department, they may be able to sort you out in case you have some funds.


Call 0752551808. Incase he's not in position to help,  he'll at least advice you on how to handle it.



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