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Uganda consumers get ICT lobby PDF Print E-mail

By Esther Nakkazi 

The East AFrican Newspaper

Dissatisfied ICT consumers in Uganda can now seek redress from the Uganda ICT Consumer Protection Association, in case of bad service, substandard products and general unscrupulous practices by data and voice service providers.
The new lobby, which starts work later this month, will particularly address the issue of slow data speeds delivered by Internet service providers that do not correspond with the bandwidth paid for; overpricing of services and substandard mobile handsets sold at rock bottom prices through product promotions.

The lobby’s agenda is to ensure that consumers get value for money; act as an arbiter between consumers and service providers; be a platform for redress; be a proactive independent body that will set standards for service providers and also create an avenue for educating the public on consumer rights.

“We want to bring the different players together for the good of the industry. Consumers will get to understand what the suppliers are giving them and the service providers will in turn realise that they cannot get away with poor service,” said James Wire Lunghabo, chairman of the lobby and an IT expert at Linux Solutions.

Mr Lunghabo said the lobby is not out to antagonise service providers but to hold them accountable and make them understand that “quality of service in the ICT sector is a right, not a favour.”

The chairman of the Parliamentary ICT Committee Edward Baliddawa, said, “The lobby is a good initiative that will create checks and balances within the industry. It will go a long way in helping to educate consumers, most of whom do not have the capacity to verify quality of services offered.”

The lobby group will complement the regulator Uganda Communications Commission, which is mandated by the government to do this work.

To read the full story see the East FArican newspaper article

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