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Google launches free Internet service for SMEs PDF Print E-mail

Written by Kui Kinyanjui  
January 20, 2008:

Small Kenyan businesses can now access cheaper software and customised Web products following the launch of several new solutions from Internet firm Google.

The company has launched a raft of services hoping to entice more users to its free applications as well as boost the firm’s strategic plans to push more business functions off physical desktops and on to the Internet.

 “Our new products are especially important in this market, where local businesses are about to enjoy unprecedented access to Internet once international fibre optic links arrive in a few months,” said Mr Joseph Mucheru, Office Lead, Google Africa.

“Businesses will be able to cut down on the amounts spent on computing software and infrastructure, which will be an important factor as they reconsider investments during these harsh economic times,” said Mr Mucheru.

With the development, none of the businesses functions need to be hosted on expensive computers based in offices, as they can be accessed in the same way as one would access their Yahoo or Google mail using the Internet.

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