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Weekly Discussion Roundup 19th-25th May, 2014. PDF Print E-mail

1. Government to fly in website experts to teach them [hotels, restaurants & lodges] how to use social media Initiated by Nelson Kituuka

50% of hotels, restaurants & lodges in Uganda have no websites





“The definition of "taking the piss." We need to fight for the indigenisation of our economy.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“That's a failure of the private sector - if the government see a loophole, don't blame them when they try to exploit it.”

“It's not failure of the private sector entirely. The government is closed out and they think there is no capacity in the private sector or they simply don't trust the private sector.

There are so many companies (high entrepreneurial capacity) but they are all mostly low growth and don't seem to go beyond employing 25 people.

So the government may be right, if we don't up our game.”


2. Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool Initiated by Viola Nuaha

Looking for a tool that i can use to monitor network bandwidth usage.




Conclusion/ Remarks

“You could use squid proxy(free open source software) for limiting access to certain sites at certain times. You could use sarg or cacti (linux-based) for network monitoring.”

“I recommend a Linux firewall solution for your network. It comes with a squid proxy embedded...Does bandwidth management and restriction plus Web access control and monitoring. Usage based reports are also generated.”

“You can also download pfsense. Install it, and add the rest of the packages as modules.”

“You might be interested in the "Wireless Networking in the Developing World" book. They recommend a lot of resources you might find useful.”


3. "Customers With Dormant Accounts". Initiated by Paul Bagyenda

Daily Monitor advert today, Crane Bank. “In pursuance of the provisions of the Financial Institutions Act, 2004, Crane Bank infers its customers listed below that their accounts have been [dormant]..."





“The [15page] list is not in anything resembling alphabetical order!”


“I tried to check the first 3 pages to see if there is a pattern (alphabetical order or otherwise), so I could trace my name in vain.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“It's a pity that the so called 'Bank of the year for many years' (at least according to its bill boards) is still being so 'Ugandan' in such small things.


I hope with time, someone will indeed generate that list when it's sorted by at least any recognisable pattern.”


“May be it is deliberate. So that it is hard to find your name and hence not be able to claim your money...”


4. MTN Mobile Money Fraudsters arrested in Western Uganda. Initiated by Joseph Etiang


“The on-going efforts by MTN and security agencies to crack down on mobile money fraudsters have borne fruits  with the arrest of Abaho Wilber Munyankole 25 years and Serwadda Robert 23 years, residents of Luwafu Zone Nakinyuguzi ward Makindye Division Kampala…”



Conclusion/ Remarks

“That’s good to hear, thanks!”

5. Help on domain re-registration. Initiated by Edris Kisambira

What is the amount charged to simply alter a domain name?





“It’s not possible to alerter a domain

If you registered eg: uganda.com to ugandaone.com. You just have to pay/buy a new domain in this case if it’s “ugandaone.com” you want and just point to the DNS or NS of your hosting company.”



Conclusion/ Remarks

“If your problem is the fee then find a cheaper vendor  assuming the domain you want is free. Secondly do it as fast as you can.”


“Simply buy a new domain name and point the same to where you currently host files."

"Cost should be $9 - $14 depending who you buy the domain from.”


6. And its MTN again!!!. Initiated by Saul Kimuda

No internet service for paid bundles.





“I load the airtime and activate my service [bundle] and the money is deducted but...lo and behold no service!!!”

“Does MTN know that *165# has been down for almost two weeks? That some peoples' money has been stuck in there for this period of time? That some people have called and called and given up. That those people are very annoyed are about to start chasing MTN employees and cars with catapults. That being consumers, we believe that error to be intentional”

“I happen to be another person that has been ripped off thrice and your customer care advisors happily give out reference numbers and move on to the next person and NEVER follow up or help.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“Try *185# or even restart your phone. I also had the same issue and persistence paid off.”

7. Learning with Digital Technologies. Initiated by Jeddy Genrwot

eLearning Africa Conference 2014


“There were 4 possible scenarios of getting to the conference, 3 of which did not require any money which NCDC:

1:  Submitting a proposal to host a session or make a presentation.

2: Applying for scholarships to attend.

3: Special request to invite some people to attend your session.

4: Paying  Euro 380 for the conference attendance.”



“It costs 380 EUR for African nationals and 690 EUR for non-African nationals [which is quite expensive].”

“As a nation we are the hosts but we may not benefit from it as expected. I hoped that the Min of Education and Sports would at least subsidise for its members for a wider benefit by all sectors. At least to attend and listen and learn.”

“Kyambogo University, where we are using various flavors of e-learning either on a full scale basis (ODeL) or introductory (Moodle). We were neither invited nor informed of the forthcoming conference [only to learn about it from this forum].”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“What is sure is the fact that the curriculum centre [Min of Education and Sports] where all learning is prepared is not represented. Could this have been an oversight??!! I doubt.”

“380 Euros is a lot of money for some of us despite the fact that others who can afford will not value the conference. This becomes a paradox.”

“Organizers at ministry level should have had an alternative arrangement for ministry and key stakeholders in the education sector. I think that with this kind of deliberate exposure, we would be better placed to follow-up on new innovations in education and also support those that will come up through the private sector.”



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