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Telecom mobile service goes from great to ghastly PDF Print E-mail

By Wire James
4 Feb, 2009

The entry of MTN into the Ugandan telecoms market a decade ago was a very welcome move that is probably responsible for the massive transformation the country has experienced in this sector over the years. While initially, getting a fixed or mobile line was a status symbol for many Ugandans, MTN changed all that overnight and as one of those Ugandans who benefited, I would like to say a big thank you.

Over the years, a lot has changed. From the time when we wanted a mobile phone for the sake of simply being able to talk to others and be talked to anytime anywhere, our needs as consumers have metamorphosed. SMS is one of those things that have made our Mobile phone experience far richer than it used to be. Along the way, the tech savvy began appreciating the need to use the same mobile networks for data connectivity. Today, there all sorts of broadband offers from the different telecom companies on the market. For those of you outside Uganda, please just know that Ugandan Broadband is largely not that much different from a decent always on dial-up connection in the developed countries.  read more

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