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Weekly Discussion Roundup 2nd-8th June, 2014. PDF Print E-mail

1. UMEME services. Initiated by Anthony Nuwagaba.

With the advancement of technology and the introduction of Yaka meters, i though the service delivery from UMEME would be for the best, but….


“At the back of their minds they do care but actions and supporting behaviours may be inadequate but there is some effort to transform, having said that the ideas about alternative power like solar are really worth looking into.”



“In the areas of Mutungo, Mbuya among others….[on Sunday night 8th June] power would be on for 2Min then off for another 6 min all night long and calling the 0800185185, the was a very nice voice in Chinese!?”

“I live in a place that power will never last two weeks. Umeme is aware that the Transformer is overloaded.

I have to both purchase yaka power units and once in a while pay up these guys that will come to connect one the over load issues happen.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“It will take between one day to three months to have a new transformer installed depending on which kind of people stay in my area - meaning for us to have a service, we need "heavy weight" kind of people in our society in order to have power connected.”

“The Sun is a relatively infinite resource, if you can, don't let uncaring behemoths dictate your life - get a solar panel (or some other alternative energy source).”

“An inverter is really handy. You can get a seamless one where even the TV will not go off during the switchover from mains to inverter power.”


2. Minister loses Shs 1.5 M to Facebook trickster. Initiated by Margaret Sevume

Online fraud/ Cyber crime





“There is a story [in the Daily Monitor] of some junior Minister losing money to a fraudster on Facebook.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“If a minister can fall for such a scam, how about the wanainchi?  Is anyone doing something about raising awareness of this new type of crime?”


“Most people we think should know these things are actually just gullible.”


3. Makerere University Hacker who was altering student results arrested. Initiated by Kuganja Talemwa

A Makerere University IT PhD student has been arrested for allegedly fleecing millions of shillings from students to alter their grades.


“The police was bemoaning the fact that they cannot employ or keep super IT graduates because of low remuneration…. During his jail term, this young man could teach the police how to detect those kinds of crime.”



“Poverty of the mind…”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Social engineering. Nothing more.”



4. Utl conman on the loose. Initiated by Assad Mugenyi

Unidentified people call and claim that you have won prizes then ask for your details.





“Anyone on UTL here? Please follow up on this number 0714 414 985 if you can. Just been told, I had won myself cool Shs10m and 2 motorbikes (boda bodas, I presume).”

“The Airtel team on here can help me apprehend the owner of 0704224240 who sent 'M-MONEY' of 700,000/- on my Airtel number and asked me to send it back using my MTN number as I would recover the money on the other number.”

“I have had the same incident on orange only in this case I had "won" a harrier and 5 million. The caller asks me to give my full names and buy airtime and at this point I normally hang up. The number they used is 079 4 405 747.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“How can one tell a fake from a genuine caller? Shouldn’t there be a fool-proof way to differentiate the two?”

“I did think of including UCC when inquiring about police's cyber-crime unit above, but on second thought I remembered that they are just all talk and no action. How many times, for instance, have they "threatened" to reprimand telecoms as regards dropped calls, unsolicited SMSs etc. but done nada?”


Public notice from UCC






“The statement looks very vague. Exactly which promotions are being stopped? What is the net impact to the Telcos?”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“A moratorium is a failure of the parties to reach a WIN/WIN agreement and so we have opted for a LOOSE/LOOSE.”


The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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