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Weekly Discussion Roundup 16th-22nd June, 2014. PDF Print E-mail

1. Kasambya Community Computer Centre. Initiated by Wahabu Kyewalyanga

Updates regarding the project.


“Mr. Elijah contributed 100,000/= towards the

Mr. Nsubuga Martin, donated multimedia

Margaret Sevume on behalf of I-Network, has donated  some free software content that can be used by both the teachers and the students for subjects like Chemistry, Algorithms

Mr. George Kyaboona is planning a trip to Kasambya at the end of the month, to meet us and hand in his contribution towards this project.”




Conclusion/ Remark

“I will contribute on antivirus. Get me the number of users you have.”- Jubilee Erisania Amooti

“Give me a shout if you need Linux OS”- Christopher Kasangaki.

“I am realizing the importance of this I-Network [mailing list]; its playing a pivotal role towards promoting ICT.  Let’s keep up such a spirit; Uganda shall develop at high level in technology.”

2. Google not working / loading. Initiated by Godfrey Ssali





“I need some help. Google isn't working or loading on my PC.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“What error message do u get. Wish u could share a screenshot, of the above mentioned.”

“The problem should be from poor proxy settings, Go to settings of your web browser, go to Network settings in Advanced options, and check Auto detect of the proxy settings. It should be helping you.”


3. How to view logs in linux. Initiated by Solomon Sanyu

Preferably the verbose way like time of login, what was done etc. Without using softwares/log applications.





Conclusion/ Remarks

“You can use less or tail e.g. less /var/log/auth.log

Click here for more info…

“You however need to have the auditd service running for that to work.”

“Hi! less /var/log/auth.log will do for you but you could still do more as suggested by installing the audit package through :

sudo apt-get install auditd or Deb or sudo yum install audit for rpm ..

If you want to start auditd automatically upon boot on Fedora, CentOS or RHEL, you need to run the following.

sudo chkconfig auditd on

Read more on this…


4. Warid sues Utl over sh1.9b interconnection fees. Initiated by Edgar Kiiza





“In a suit filed in the High Court’s commercial division, Warid wants utl to pay a liquidated sum of sh1.9b being the outstanding amount on account of reconciled E1, local and international interconnection fees, and costs of the suit. Interconnection rates are fees service providers charge each other for customers to connect to their fixed or mobile phone networks.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“Reminds me of the current TV Wars with UBC Switching off NBS Television & NBS Suing in court and crying foul to UCC. Then Umeme threatening to switch off UBC transmitters for not paying 3.9 Bn shillings in arrears after the end of World cup.”

“The issue here is actually not about the absence of money. Knowing a thing or two, I can tell you that the issues are more technical than financial. 1.9bn is quite small for any telco, but usually reconciling call records delays these payments since some times the numbers conflict.”




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