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Weekly Discussion Roundup 30th July- 6th June, 2014. PDF Print E-mail

1. VAT on ICT. Initiated by Fred Bbaale

VAT on ICT equipment and software; isn't this premature?


“We [ICTAU] are putting solid arguments together so that we go in with a case [lobbying with stakeholders about this direction by government] that will hold its own end up against that which the government will certainly present.”



“The ban on used computers is even more ‘painful.’”


“Many of us who were concerned about the economic impact of this bill [ban on importation of used computers] organized a group called the E-Waste Special Interest Group to lobby against the ban (and *for* the development of a real e-waste management solution). Ultimately we were unsuccessful. I recall that many people on this forum actually argued *for* the ban on the basis that it would eliminate an e-waste dumping problem which was never proven to exist.”


“Yesterday i went to Kampala road and every shop was singing of VAT on ICT and software and hence change in prices.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“Pre-inspection proposed for imported goods could be applied to weed out the too-old and very-harmful devices.”


“We should focus on proper and efficient handling after use i.e. recycling and proper sorting before destruction.”

2. The problem may not be with Orange internet. Initiated by Geoffrey Ekongot

Something else could be eating up your data.





“Sometimes we’re too quick to blame the ISPs before we fully understand what is going on. …a problem can be caused by many possible issues e.g. running numerous torrents at the same time.”


“Many users of modem forget to disconnect the modem when tying many pages to attach! Data keeps on reducing, at the end, your disconnected!

Kindly try to minimize your data loss by disconnect when you’re working offline.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“If running an internet usage audit is not your thing, talk to an expert to check your machine.”


“There is an obvious profit motive here and Orange is happy to benefit from [clients’] ignorance in these matters.

Orange should put warnings as you browse to indicate that data usage is costing you these many shillings etc.”


“There different [Orange] packages [with different consumption tendencies] you need to know, 1. Limited access 2. Unlimited”




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