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Consumers shoot back at ISPs PDF Print E-mail

By Esther Nakkazi

Qn: Which is the best ISP?

Respondents; Infocom, MTN, Africa online, UTL, None.

Qn: Why that one?

Respondent A- Infocom has the best customer service of them all and that is great. They will remind you about bill payment and when the service is about to expire. But we had to switch to Uganda Telecom because I think when the subscriber base enlarged the quality of services was affected. The connection was always down so we switched.


Respondent B- Uganda Telecom is only good if you have technical knowledge. If you are a techie and you can go to the back end and trouble shoot, it works, but that is if the staff you are talking to does not get moody and they are knowledgeable.

Respondent C-When you call MTN customer care they will return your call and respond to your complaint. But it is as if they do not have monitoring tools to alert them that the connection is down so you have to call them all the time! They cannot even send you a reminder! 

Qn: Which one has the worst service?

All respondents: UTL 

Qn: Why that one?

Respondent D

UTL customer care is terrible, their monitoring tools are bad, they never compensate and their staff are very moody, in the morning they are usually good but in the afternoon they get very moody and unfriendly.

Respondent E

UTL lacks the capacity and expertise to handle the Internet side, they seem to only be interested in telephony. But despite this, it has so many customers. That is amazing.

Respondent F

UTL engineers ask for bribes. Every time you want a technical person to fix your connection problem you have to give kitu kidogo. You have no choice but to do it because you are usually frustrated and want the connection so badly to run your business.

Qn: Why don’t you move on?

Respondent: I have been moving from one ISP to another among five of them. It did not help.

(This was during a breakfast discussion about ISPs at Sheraton this month. This was just one of the issues captured at only the writer’s table.)



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