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Weekly Discussion Roundup 14th-20th July, 2014. PDF Print E-mail

1. Equity Bank, Safaricom in clash that could affect Mpesa’s future. Initiated by Davis J. Weddy

“Thin SIM” tech threatens Mpesa's future...


“In today's world there’s no territory [marking]. Cross industry “interference" is now normal. I believe the quicker one picks this up and identifies synergies the better”




Conclusion/ Remarks

“I always believed that by Telecoms going into Banking, they had stepped into a territory that was not theirs…

I suggest that let Telecoms do what they do best and it is not banking.”


“SIM ‘sleeves’ are not new, what’s new here is the size/form factor of the film/sleeve.”


2. Windows 7 end of support. Initiated by UgCERT

Support for windows 7 shall end in January 2015; 5 months from now.


“Opensource is definitely the future.”


“There is still an extended support end date for Win7 enterprise and professional.”



“What does this mean for an average home user or rural ICT schools that may not have funds for upgrades?”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“The transformation from Windows to Ubuntu 14.04 is very easy. It’s time to embrace it.”

3. Commercial VISA/PAYPAL patements. Initiated by George Kinyera- Apuke

Where to get this commercial service


“I advise that U get your own card at any of the banks.”




Conclusion/ Remarks

“If your bank provided him with a Visa Electron card, he could as well use that one if the beneficiary of the payment allows debit card transactions.”


“You can also add the card to your paypal account and make payment via paypal, but when the deduction is made off your card as and when its required.”


“Make sure you remove the spending Cap, coz most banks have a limit beyond which you can’t go, by default. A Paypal is free online. Once you have your card. Go to www.paypal.com and open an account.”


4. Rwanda launches Online Civil Registration. Initiated by Ephraim Batambuze



“Its not always a bad idea to peep in a neighbour's cooking pot.”



Conclusion/ Remarks

“How I wish our own registration was this flexible. Can you imagine taking over 40 minutes at a registration centre [in Uganda]...? Then the notably fixed questions that do not allow one to express what they are e.g. on religion;  you want to say you are a Christian but there is no provision for that, they want you to be either protestant or catholic or some funny sect…”


“Time will tell; online vs. offline registrations in 2 developing countries.”


5. Bebe Cool launches swipe cards for his August show. Initiated by Margaret Sevume




“Presume its direct debit to his account it may be very efficient after all and environmentally friendly/carbon neutral etc.”




Conclusion/ Remarks

“He even didn't have to go as far as using those expensive cards. Simple QR code technology could have solved this on less expensive paper.”


“He could have sent these barcodes via SMS. This is the most obvious solution. I don't get the necessity for the ATM card mix.”




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