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Weekly Discussion Roundup 20th – 26th July 2014 PDF Print E-mail

1. A small or fair size and good quality printer for a small personal office. Initiated by Godfrey Ssali

Advice on dry powder cartridge printer Vs. liquid toner cartridge printer, specific type, shop and   roughly how much it would cost





Conclusion/ Remarks

Printers and their corresponding toner cartridges cost more money, but the ink cartridge ones run out very fast.

Consider  colour printing and the volume of work involved. HP laserjet is a reliable type, costs between 300,000 - 500,000.

Call 0716716716 or 0751751751.

2. Bebe Cool launches swipe cards for his August show. Initiated by Margaret Sevume

A solution to the chaos at the entrance of live performances.


Presume it's direct debit to his account it may be very  efficient after all and environmentally friendly.




He didn't have to go so far. Simple QR code technology could have solved this. (Response : those are secured cards. Banks needn’t worry about recovering their money).


He could have sent these barcodes via sms !



Conclusion/ Remarks

Enter card-based fraud.


This is a start and likely to register modifications in the future. Cool has opened producers' eyes to the possibilities.


Or perhaps  another way to make life difficult (evade ) for the URA tax collectors.

3. How to optimize IT expenditure. Initiated by Alex Kisakye


  • Understand the role of technology in your business

Is technology at the core of your business or does it support the rest of the work?

  • Align your growth plan with your technology requirements

After determining the size, procure and implement only those technologies that would scale to fit the number of people in the organisation.

  • Carefully plan the lifecycle of technology in your organisation

Define how long you will use a particular technology before you deem it obsolete for your organisation.

  • Work closely with your vendors

The vendor should be able to understand your business, how you work, your needs, and plans.

  • Have a competent IT buyer

The sourcing process should completely be handled by a technology expert.



Conclusion/ Remarks


4. Outbox Kids Computer programming: enrolling for class two Initiated by Richard Zulu

Outbox started the Kids Computer programming, an initiative to teach kids how to become creators through computer programming.

Registering for second class is now on-going. Training will take place from 16th August 2014 - 4th October 2014


This is a great opportunity for Kids and I believe they will love it. It all builds creative thinking from early stages. I strongly recommend for those who have kids to take them for the program.



Conclusion/ Remarks

Is it possible to share some more details on what is covered under this training? (Response : please read through this blogpost on our website that answers your inquiries)




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