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Weekly Discussion Roundup 4th – 10th August 2014 PDF Print E-mail

1. Ugandan Innovators Should Protect Their IP Ideas rather than Functioning on secrecy. Initiated by George Oryang

We are developing ideas that have no IPs (intellectual Property) licences . Great ideas have no patents thus someone else can copy the same thing and our poor Ugandan developers will lose out on that money and fame.


Microsoft launched an online intellectual property (IP) called the Microsoft 4Afrika IP Hub that aims to create protection for IP culture in Africa. The IP hub is to offer developers and independent software vendors the skills and tools necessary to develop, protect and monetise their innovations. The pilot of the portal is to happen in Kenya for two years after which it will be handed over to the local government as other pilots are being launched around Africa.



Conclusion/ Remarks

Interesting read, I just signed up for one IP trainings on the site. I hope it has practical applicability in Uganda now. It is a welcome idea but am still anxious for Microsoft to extend some of these projects to the uninformed Ugandan innovators.

2. MPs Query Unregistered Sim Cards Initiated by James Wire

“The communications body had not registered any complaints from the public on the abuse of unregistered SIM cards." . So what was the reason for the registration of Phone users in the first place?





We complied with the registration exercise because we wanted peaceful living and a good business environment. How come unregistered SIMs continue operating?


Unregistered  SIMs are used by con men.  Watch out ! You could be a target.

Conclusion/ Remarks

It’s not only the unregistered SIMs that should be switched off. Even un solicited calls from a registered SIM.


Did we (the public) call for the registration exercise? In the past we have complained about spammers etc and still UCC has done nothing.


3. Roaming costs to be cut. Initiated by  Pamela Kiria

“Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda And South Sudan have agreed to establish a “One-Network-Area” by 31st December 2014. When fully operational, charges on phones calls within the region could drop by up to 60%...




Could we open our eyes and ears to why Tanzania isn't on board even when it hosts the EAC headquarters as well as most of its meetings & negotiations, Telecoms sector  inclusive?

Otherwise,  we will have to come back thereafter to solve what could have been done initially.

Conclusion/ Remarks


4. Tape library Initiated By Emmanuel Sekyewa

Anyone with experience running a backup tape library off a server that it is not directly attached to?





Conclusion/ Remarks

Over the Ethernet? Using iscsi? Are you using any proprietary backup software?

(Response: Over SAS. Using Symantec backup exec.)




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