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Richard Heeks in his article "Worldwide Expenditure on ICT4D" talks about how much is being spent on ICT for development activities around the world. Two approaches were used, a bottom up and a top down approach to arrive at some fugures of how much is being spent. the Full article can be found at his blog .

For the case of Uganda, we do have a few questions to ask and I-network welcomes comments and ideas on how we can find out how much we are spending on ICT for development but before we can do that we must find out:

1. Who is reponsible for gathering information on world development indicators, UBOS, MoICT, Ministry of Finance, another body?

2. What is ICT4D in the Uganda context, i.e. what does it comprise of?

3.  What difference and to whom will this make to knowing this information?

From his methodlogy and approach, Heeks is able to arrive at a figure of US$840billion in 2007, from this he exprapolates how much low income countries are spending (US$57bn) and draws the following conclusion "it seems reasonable to conclude that hundreds of millions of US dollars per year are invested in ICT4D projects; and that tens of billions of US dollars per year are invested in ICT4D infrastructure, with consumers in developing countries spending even more on the use of ICTs, amounting on average to a few tens of US dollars per person per year."

Our challenge now is to provide a further breakdown to these fugures and state what Uganda is spending on ICT for development activities.



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