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Uganda Internet Governance online discussions 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Following on last year’s Internet Governance Forums in several East African Countries including Uganda, this is to announce the start of this year’s discussions on Internet Governance (IG) in Uganda. The main objective last year was to raise awareness, update stakeholders on the issues under debated at the international stage, and gather views on what the priority issues for Uganda were.

This year, IG discussions seek to focus on consolidating the understanding of the issues and to state positions that may have been previously ambiguously defined.

The intention is to run for three weeks, and the outcome of this will feed into a report that will form the basis of the national face-to-face meeting to be held in July or August, 2009. 

Last year, issues of improving access and affordability; control of the national code top-level domain ccTLD .UG; interception of communication: freedom of expression vs. ‘public good’; spam, pornography control; the need for cyber laws; and promotion of local content/Ugandan languages on the Internet were discussed. 

As we begin this year's discussions, we seek to get your views on these questions;
1.    Should we continue discussing Internet Governance in Uganda and for what reasons? 
2.    What is the current state of internet in Uganda and what does this imply at the regional and international level?
As a recap of last year’s Uganda National IGF and the East African IGF, both forum reports have been attached.

We look forward to having a lively discussion. 

East African Internet Governance Forum Report

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