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Are you ready to give up your paper passport? PDF Print E-mail

During the last few days there has been a lot of discussion on being East African and what we should give up and not give up in the local media. Onyango Obbo in his opinion column in the daily monitor yesterdaytalked about smart card passport. He prefers to do away with the paper passport and instead get carry around a smart card or a flash disk with his information. This sounded very interesting. It reminded me of what I saw at heathrow airport earlier this year. EU and British citzens who prefer not to carry passports can register to use biometrics instead. So at Arrivals, there was a long queue of business travellers all waiting to get their retina scanned so that they can get back home.

I think the idea of a smart card or biometrics is not bad at all especially for frequent travellers but I am afraid we have a lot of identification issues to sort out before we can even begin to dream of smart cards but I could be wrong.

The question is, Is it a good idea to go for smart cards (passports) as a standard for identifcation in Uganda?

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