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Over the last few months, expectations have gone higher and plans have become clearer as the first undersea cable is expected at the East African coast any day now.

The East African newspaper this week carried articles on the some of the issues surrounding the cable, one of them is the extent of investment that data carriers in Kenya have put in to be able to serve their customers and make money. AccessKenya has spent Ksh700 million on its metro fibre project and Kenya Data Networks has so far spent 300 million dollars.

On the otherhand, we the consumers have also invested time to learn more about this new cable that will bring us cheaper prices. We have also invested a lot of expectations in our ISPs, cable operators and owners and government and we hope our expectations' investment shall bear fruit.

The East African newspaper in another article mentions that Once the cables land in Kenya, companies will become more accessible on the World Wide Web, attracting the attention of sophisticated hackers. These are some of the unpleasant issues that expectant consumers are going to have to deal with and yet so far very little has been said about the less pleasant issues that are bound to arise from the use of cable for connectivity.

I-Network, shall be facilitating a forum on 29th May 2009 at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala where some of the pleasant and unpleasant issues related to cable usage shall be discussed.

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