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Weekly Discussion Roundup 25th- 31st August, 2014. PDF Print E-mail

1. Google Wallet live vs Mobile money. Initiated by Jude Mukundane


“I saw the option to "attach" money to my email. Upon searching, I realised that this option was launched by Google in May.

I see this cutting into the Mobile Money market, especially given the low transaction fee of 2.9%, (that’s 290/= to send 10,000/=).”

“The reason Mobile money picked up easily is because all you needed was a phone regardless of whether it was an internet enabled phone or not. Besides even without a phone you can still receive money by use of a token id.”

“As for Uganda, mobile money usage is growing by the day. The other day, BOU just reported that Uganda has 17.6m mobile money users. That is almost the same number of people with mobile phones, which is almost the same number of adult Ugandans 15 years and older. What this means is that the service has actually served the country where only about 4 million people have bank accounts.”



“Mobile Money….. is still viewed as a tool to send/ receive, much more than a total enabler for convenience- another challenge Telcos continue to have.”

“If you were keen enough you would have noticed that this service [Google Wallet] is only applicable to users in the US.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“I wonder if the Telcos behind the various Mobile Money platforms are cooking stuff that belongs in the current century.”

“Internet data usage needs to increase beyond just predominantly social media into other spheres; once that happens then Mobile Money will be at risk…”

“A vast majority of the populace is not in the CBD and also I agree… that major use of the internet in this country is hugely inclined to social use and Google wallet aims to capitalize on that.”

“Generally my argument is that Telecom companies need to think much more critically about mobile money - as it is now, it is still lurking behind and is being sustained by the absence of alternatives rather than its strengths.”

“The phone, rather than plastic cards is the future, and we don't have to wait for MNO's to innovate, they have built a platform and we have to innovate around it.”


2. Northern Uganda's First ISP Goes Live. Initiated by Brian Munyao Longwe


“Our project’s social enterprise [Internet Now!] launches Northern Uganda’s first Internet Service Provider – initially offering services in Gulu…”



“Why would a start-up choose Gulu and not Kampala? Just wondering.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“May there be more milestones in Northern Uganda's recovery.”

“How better to bridge the digital divide than going where it’s greatest, innovating and making an impact?”




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