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After reading a story in the New Vision newspaper that talked about people being arrested for using pirated software, a few members of the I-Network mailing list are now concerned about the laws that govern copyright and where they can get genuine software in Uganda.

For clarification, Uganda has had a copyright law in force since 2006. It is available online here and you can also find a copy in our resources section on the website.

Due to the increase of fake goods on the market, Uganda National Bureau of Standards and other agencies are clamping down on the use of fake products, which would include use of pirated software. Microsoft is taking advantage of the enabling environment to enforce the use of genuine windows in Uganda.

So If you do not carry a genuine license for the software you use on your computer, you need to make a decision quite fast. as Wire Lunghabo mentioned on the list "either you pay up or ship out"

For those of you who do not have genuine software on your computers, and like our mailing list member Simon Vass you do not want to spend a night at Luzira, you have the option of installing and using free and open source software that does not require you to purchase a license, for more information on this kind of software visit the websites below:

1. For free applications based on open souce visit - sourceforge.net

2. For information on Open source software visit - The Open Source Initiative

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