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Weekly Discussion Roundup 31st August – 6th September 2014 PDF Print E-mail

1. State-House Website Costs  600M?. Initiated by Peter Wamanga

How can you cost the state house website at 600M.


The website isn’t that bad.


Website has good and bad aspects.


The president has a direct twitter account.
Corruption, right under the Presidents eyes must be exposed  to shame those involved.


Why procure website development expertise from Ireland with the many local web designers/developers?


ICT advisers,  Ministry of ICT, UCC , Mutabazi himself  should be the watchdogs of such projects


Conclusion/ Remarks

Was there a willing buyer and willing seller?



2. Census Initiated by Margaret Sevume

Hard copies being used to collect data in the on-going population census will require additional labour to digitalise it.
Why were the enumerators not given ipads / laptops to kill two birds with one stone?






Conclusion/ Remarks

Possibly the cost.


It would cost less, not more !

Consider these two scenarios:

Scenario 1.
Print registers, procure other logistics for collecting data; Train, pay enumerators; Buy computers; Train, pay data coders (who could be former enumerators);  Get results of the population census.

Scenario 2.
Buy computers; Train, pay data coders; Send then out to collect data; Get results of the population census.

Scenario 2 sweeteners


  • The same computers procured will be used to collect data and feed it directly into servers.
  • Training will be done once.
  • Less time required for the entire process.
  • Human error reduced because manual entry will be done once, not twice at entry into register and again at coding.
  • etc etc


3. Taxes on Laptops Initiated by  Gilbert Busuulwa

Request for more knowledge on the taxes on laptops. How much I'm supposed to pay for 20 new laptops?





Conclusion/ Remarks

You need to know how much tax is added from the country of origin.


Arrange for a meeting with URA to enlighten you on what to expect.

4. Dissertations Initiated By Margaret Sevume

Is there online access to dissertations of graduates from Makerere University or any other University?





Conclusion/ Remarks



Have you also tried to check on the college websites? I think it is better to check with the specific college or school of interest.

5. The Five Most Disruptive Trends in Technology Initiated by Timothy Kabaza

Disruptive trends are those that will create entire new markets and, in most cases, displace others in the process.


  1. The Automated World: like the Google's self-driving car, driven for miles and has yet to make an accident.
  2. The Internet of Things : everyday objects becoming connected to the web. An app with sensors in your fridge to let you know what to buy  at the supermarket.
  3. Additive Manufacturing: the process of building three-dimensional objects with machines using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  4. Next-Generation Interface: devices will continue to become increasingly portable.
  5. Next-Generation Genomics: these are blueprints for the human body. They determine the people we will become, as well as the diseases we'll inherit. By reading these blueprints, doctors aim to better understand the medical needs of individuals and to design innovative and highly effective treatments for disease.



Conclusion/ Remarks

If technology takes over all that, what will humans be left with to do?




The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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