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Do we need second hand computers in Uganda? PDF Print E-mail

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In the reading of the 2009 /2010 financial budget for Uganda, the minister for Finance, Planning, and Economic Development announced that Uganda would effect a ban on second hand computer due to envronmental reasons. This has sparked off a debate on the I-network mailing list about the usefulness and need for second hand computers in Uganda.

Discussants have outlined some of the benefits of the second hand computers including their relatively cheaper prices and potential to reach a wider base. Also mentioned is that a lot of users do not need to be at bleeding edge of technology hence no need for high spec computers.

On the other hand, opposers of second hand computers have cited how unrelaible and high maintenance these computers tend to be.

Output of the topical debate on the use of refurbished computers in Uganda held by I-network last year can be found here

If you have experience with using seond hand computers,please share it with us.

We especially welcome the views views of all those advocating for the use of new computers in Uganda.

All these opinions shall be carried in the position paper on the ban on old computers to be presented to Uganda policy makers.



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