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Weekly Discussion Roundup 8th – 14th Oct PDF Print E-mail

1. Mapping do-gooders, we need your help!. Initiated by Jude Mukundane

Looking for village-level boundaries in Uganda. Where might we find this info, preferably in digital format?





Conclusion/ Remarks



Have a look at DataUg.


Somewhere in  the Ministry of Local Government and the Office of  the Prime Minister, in  their planning departments and data rooms are maps with the detail

you need. I expect UMEME to have the same though they might be less willing to share.


During the census the UBOS GIS department created some maps for the mapping exercise.


2. Census Initiated by Margaret Sevume

It would cost less to use ipads/ laptops in the population census exercise.



  • Computers procured  to collect data would feed  directly into servers/ database.
  • Training will be done once.
  • Less time required for the entire process.
  • Human error reduced because manual entry will be done once, not twice at entry into register and again at coding.



Process should be left manual, there could be incidences  when split second (human)decisions must be made. As for digitization , there is technology that does automated data capture , you can always extract this information without having a large team of data entrants.

(Response:  Anomalies will  be factored in at the planning / testing stage before roll out. Programmers routinely fix bugs in already released applications )

Conclusion/ Remarks


3. Google contact. Initiated by Anthony Nuwagaba

Anyone with contacts for Google in uganda,  having a challenge with emails viz outlook configurations




Google unlikely to offer any help desk support in Uganda.

Conclusion/ Remarks

Google Uganda offices are at Course View tower.

Try to play with the POP3 and IMAP settings for your gmail account.


Try THIS link


4. UCC set to commission digital migration project next month Initiated by Margaret Sevume

Are digital boxes already on the market? Where and how much do they cost? How can one differentiate a digital from non digital TV set?




Still pessimistic on ability to implement it.


Shouldn't someone educate people about digital / non-digital TV sets in newspapers, TVs, billboards?

Conclusion/ Remarks

The boxes are available at 180,000 /-


Which outlets sell the digital top boxes?

(Response : Grace Bridget Kasaija

Brivid Uganda Limited

Oasis Mall Basement





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