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Government of Uganda to Set Up ICT Plan PDF Print E-mail

By Wilfred Sanya, New Vision.

The Government is setting up a five-year plan to promote the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a measure to achieve development. This was revealed by ICT Minister, John Nasasira. He urged service providers in the sector to invest in more advanced technologies and software and enhance their usage. Nasasira said the plan will broaden and have ICT used in all aspects of life as a major step to development.

Hon John Nasasira, Minister of ICT.

“The development of the country is determined by the infrastructure and the advancement of the technology in place. The more we use ICT, the more advanced we become as a country,” he said. Nasasira was presiding over the second anniversary celebrations of Axial International College (AIC) Muyenga in Kampala on Friday.

“The success of Axial College is a success to our country. Over the last three decades, the Government has made infrastructural investments in the education sector. More students are now able to access education,” the minister said. He added that development and improvement of human capital is important for the country’s overall economic growth. Nasasira urged education institutions to prepare students who will provide development solutions for Uganda.

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