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Weekly Discussion Roundup 22nd -28th September 2014 PDF Print E-mail
  1. 1. MTN MobileMoney. Initiated by David Mushabe

MTN Mobile Money  was supposed to be back up by 20th; could it be my phone which cannot access it?




Up to now(23rd)  they haven’t  sent SMS that it ain't going to be on.


A management notice  should have been sent out in regard to their failure to meet their deadline.


We should learn not to put all eggs in one basket.

Most of people ignored other providers  eg: Orange money, Airtel money, and even M cente.


They should have run both the new and old system in parallel first then slowly transfer the entire client base to the new system.


These things of a clean cutover as a strategy for system migration are a bit risky. Where's the harm in running the systems in parallel? (Response: Hard to run parallel systems when each has its own account system holding cash balances, float etc for customers, agents etc  Clean cut with balance transfers is what's best)


Conclusion/ Remarks

And this MTN mobile money saga is silently and happily playing into the hands of Airtel Mobile Money.


The money should sit on my account in a bank and I only use the phone to move it (Mobile ATM/WALLET)!

And hopefully I can use different networks to move it!!  (Response:  Many banks do that, e.g  Centinary but they work when mobile money  systems are active.)  (Response:

NILE bank used to do a lot with Cellphones before the advent of Mobile Money.)


It looks like a big number has been using MM as a bank.


Is MTN not liable to business lost beyond the 20th deadline that they announced?


I wonder why Airtel is not doing a massive ad campaign to steal market share.


The onus is on Airtel to sensitise the masses and expand on the number of agents especially upcountry.


  1. Group policy implementation fail Initiated by Herbert Ndugwa

I am trying to apply group policy with Windows server 2012. But after linking GPO to organisation unit, i run gpupdate /force to deploy the policy.  Then i test on the user but no rule effected.! I just wonder what could i be doing wrong?





Conclusion/ Remarks

Does the gpupdate /force command return any output?  Is the user part of that OU?


Are you running the "gpupdate /force" on the Domain Controller? run it on the client also. Open Powershell and at C: enter:

Import-module groupPolicy

Invoke-gpupdate computername

Is there a global policy that might be frustrating you?


I’ve  learnt of gpresult command but cant make out what the results imply. (Response: hit technet from here on out.)


  1. 3. Researchers discover a bug worse than Heartbleed Initiated by Timothy Kabaza

Reuters reports that the new bug can be exploited to offer “complete control of a targeted system,” and everything from many Linux distributions to Apple’s desktop operating system could be hit by the bug,








Conclusion/ Remarks

The bug is called Shell Shock, and WhiteHat Security chief executive Jeremiah Grossman told Bloomberg that its ease-of-use and ability to spread could make it scarier than Heartbleed, the OpenSSL bug that left two-thirds of the Internet insecure by allowing attackers “complete access” to a device.

  1. 4. SMS Concatenatiom Initiated by Daniel Ninsiima

Does anyone know if our telecom carriers support SMS concatenation?








Conclusion/ Remarks

Yes. You can even send 1600 characters (10sms) as 'one' sms but you will be charged for 10sms. For smart phones, the sms will be delivered as one. Create account here http://sms.smsone.co.ug to access such feature.


I think you'll still pay for two messages. (Response: I know I have to pay for the messages but my interest is in being delivered as one text message instead of two or whatever the number may be) (Response:  Sms will be delivered in parts  Basic phones (kabiriti etc) do not support delivery as a single message)

5. Phone related crime is on increase Initiated by Jubilee Erisania

MPs were asking UCC why they have not switched off unregistered numbers which are still active. We keep receiving news of kidnap for ransom and calls where thugs deceive the customers that they have won presents.




Some people somewhere figured out a way to make money, steal some, create some temporary employment along the way and inconvenience people as well as, alarm some.




Conclusion/ Remarks

Uganda lacks policy implementers.


The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network

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