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Mobile Trends in Africa by 2020

by Rudy De Waele

More and more people are connecting to the Internet for longer amounts of time, attributed mainly to the “smart devices”. The following observations have been made in this regard:

The African market for software will be driven and dominated by mobile application and mobile web access especially the social engagements will bring more of the African population online primarily via the mobile screen. Africa will be home of the fastest most modern mobile telecommunication infrastructure deployment and soon, revenue realised from data services will overtake revenue from voice services. The mobile money service will become Africa’s version of the “Credit Card” for mobile payment.

Advantages of mobile applications.

  • Consumer driven- applications are made based on consumer preferences.
  • Better engagement between the developer  and the consumer .
  • Improves working image, it’s a great PR and marketing tool since consumers are consulted and so feel that they are part of the product.
  • Improved social interactions.
  • One-click buying
  • Source of revenue

Mobile applications have completely altered service delivery in some sectors and the changes are still continuing. In future, banking will be on mobile phones (m-banking) replacing ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) . As children progressively own more and more phones, mobile learning (m-learning) will be possible. In the health sector it will be possible to track diseases and patients as well as send them reminders of their appointments (m-health). As more people use their phones to send and receive money, mobile money transfer will become the prevalent method of payment(m-commerce) . Eventually Mobile Centric Living will be the order of the day as new innovations give users the chance to perform most tasks using phones.

Therefore the future trends in mobile applications will be the following:

  • Mobile snacking (skimming through content rather than serious reading) it’s the natural instinct to grab your phone and start doing something on it.
  • Multi-screen user (where one can access more than one screen at the same time)
  • Personal Cloud (storing content on the Internet rather than on a device)
  • Internet of Everything (where you require Internet presence to perform most tasks)
  • Geo-fencing ( using  the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries.)
  • Paperless Education (where teaching/learning will not require pen, ink or paper)
  • Intelligent objects (also called smart objects which can exhibit different behaviours triggered by commands for example robots)
  • Predictive personalisation (ability to predict customer behaviour, needs or wants - and tailor offers and communications based thereof.)
  • Self-service (getting a service without help from attendants)

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