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What undersea cable and more internet bring for us PDF Print E-mail

3rd August 2009 

Some are excited and others apprehensive about the extra bandwidth that is about to be unleashed in East Africa. At the end of July, SEACOM went live in 5 African countries including Uganda, although no one outside of the launch attendees have experienced the changes, many are hopeful that they will bring more good than bad.

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One consumer said his reality will come to pass when he is able to watch You Tube videos without getting the endless buffering. Another consumer is more interested in how much cheaper his internet connection shall get. We all hope that with increased and cheaper bandwidth internet consumers shall increase their usage of internet services and content and Uganda shall recruit a whole new set of internet users.

Increased bandwidth at cheaper prices should also foster growth in our local ICT industry and in particular new internet based companies.

increased bandwidth will not come with only good things for Ugandans, we should expect to be exposed to more ill content including pornography, we shall also increase our exposure to scammers and the possibility of being ripped off.

We also have to strengthen our generation of local content in local languages in order to entice more users to the internet.

what is your take on the good and bad that increased bandwidth shall bring for us? (please leave your comments)


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