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First of all, this second phase of the rural communications development policy (RCDP-II), while continuing to address the broad underlying issues of underserved areas, will particularly focus on three aspects that are key for the development of Uganda as an information society and these are:
i. Coverage
ii. Connectivity
iii. Content
Coverage: It is considered vital to broaden coverage of RCDF intervention in order to build on the gains of RCDP-I as well as reduce the percentage of Ugandans that are underserved and thus attain the WSIS target for access to basic information and communications services. Connectivity: This is to specifically address the country’s future goal of a broadband-enabled information society especially with respect to education institutions and government’s service delivery plans. Content: This is emphasized because local content production and utilization are essential for the entrenchment and consolidation of information society in any country. Therefore, in RCDP-II emphasis will put on the above 3 issues.

Secondly, in the context of RCDP-II, the phrase “rural and underserved” shall encompass all those communities that are not able to have access to information and communications services as well as those that are underserved either due to geographical isolation, poverty or any social exclusion factor such as gender, disability or age.

Thirdly, it is important to bear in mind that the main goal of the rural communications development fund (RCDF) is to enable essential interventions to ensure more equitable development of communications services by complimenting the general national ICT policy and supporting the information requirements of other sectors of government that drive Uganda’s development agenda. To attain this goal, RCDF will have to support or work alongside other ministry programmes.

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