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Weekly Discussion Roundup 10th-16th November, 2014. PDF Print E-mail

1. FBI cracks open TOR network. Initiated by Joseph Ssekandi

Article: How did law enforcement break Tor?




“How exactly did law enforcement take their digital blow torches to the Dark Web sites that were using Tor anonymity software to protect themselves?”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“We are not hiding from the FBI - we are hiding from the people around us and those may not be as sophisticated as the FBI.”

2. MTN Voice Bundles. Initiated by Steven Kirenga

New innovation


“MTN has come up with new voice bundles.”



“The pricing is ridiculous!!”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“From what I know they have had the voice bundles for some time. Because around 2011-2012 I was using the package but was quite expensive as compared to the then Warid package by about 40k.”


“It would be useful if MTN created combo bundles, a mix of SMS, Voice and Data. They tend to complain that only a few people use the internet and they don't think about affordability.”


“It looks like MTN already has that [combo]”



3. High broadband access costs. Initiated by Glyn Turner

Article: The Balancing Act.


“The UG MoICT is aware of this and is focused on making appropriate interventions in cooperation with other EAC member states.”


“It is more of an internet service market structure issue where enough contestants are allowed into the market to ensure that there is healthy competition to ensure that the end users are getting better value for their money alongside (hopefully) better quality of service.”



“I always knew that internet costs were high, but if these figures are true 31% of Uganda's GDP is required for broadband access.  This is staggering.”


“As if 31% is not bad enough, factoring in the QUALITY of internet, might as well bring that figure close to Ethiopia's [60.4%]”


“UG missed an opportunity to own a piece of TEAMS while the offer was still open from then things have never been harder for small ISP.”


“Each ISP negotiates its rates with a cable owner/operator. Imagine a big Uganda Telco which also owns a (portion of) the fibre to Mombasa competing with small ISPs to whom it is also the seller of "fibre Mbps" and you will realize where SMP lies.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Bringing down the cost of access will take some time. Most of the content we consume originates from servers in far away places. Thus, delivering it here is expensive.”


“We should begin creating and hosting content, and operating in a manner that makes it easier and more affordable to get access.”


“The solution lies within the market structure and the players in the provider space. Maybe some bold new entrants need to come in and aggressively price their products while offering similar (or superior) quality of service?”


“Is it not one of the mandates of UCC to prevent cartel tendencies? If UCC intervened in the case of voice interconnection rates, why can it not intervene in case of BW pricing?”


4. Child Safety Tip. Initiated by Ug-CERT

How to keep your children safe from online pornography.


“A quick and easy way to block internet Porn from appearing on your computer is to change your DNS ip addresses to and By doing this you are now using a free online security service called OpenDNS.  ”




Conclusion/ Remarks

“To change the DNS settings on a Windows 7 computer go to:

Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Local Area Connection -> Properties -> Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) -> Use the following DNS server addresses -> and then enter in and Click OK, Click OK again on the remaining window and then click Close on the window after that.

You are done.”


“To ensure that Google never shows explicit results you should do this: Go to the Google homepage, on the bottom right hand side click on 'Settings', then click on 'Search Settings'. Click on 'Filter explicit results' so that there is a Tick besides it, then go to the bottom of the page and click Save.”


5. Mobile Money Scam! MTN. Initiated by Esther Nakkazi

Missing mobile money


“I would like to appeal to us, to always raise issues regarding service and product 'failures' directly with the respective service providers (whose presence lately is abound on social media…) ”



“Apparently, the money [sent through mobile money] disappeared. He has been to all sorts of places and no one can help! MTN how does mobile money just disappear in the system honestly.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Please provide finer details on this matter in terms of :

1. what was the  number that was used  to send the money

2. how much did he send?

3. the number that he was sending the money to.

4. last but not least when did he do the transaction.”


“Thank you MTN, my father got an answer to his predicament.”




The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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