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With Just Two Computers Agwata Primary School is Making Big Strides PDF Print E-mail

By Pamela Kiria, I-Network.

Agwat Primary School is located along Lira- Dokolo road in Dokolo district. The school is made up of three classroom blocks surrounded by a lush green compound. Agwata PS is one of the 6 schools where Lango Child and Community Development Federation (LACCODEF) implements ICT projects funded by the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD).  

“ICT has made our work so easy,” said Mr Bosko Obya the Head Master of Agwata Primary School. Mr Obya joined the school last year with no computer knowledge. After basic training in ICT he now types out his letters and is able to complete some other administrative tasks using a computer.

LACCODEF’s ICT project

The computer provided by LACCODEF

The solar panel provided by LACCODEF

Before LACCODEF’s intervention Agwata PS already had one desktop computer. The school was then given another computer along with a solar panel and batteries. Recently the primary school was connected to electricity through the Rural Electrification Programme. Access to power has boosted the continuous use of the computers and solar is now used as a backup in case of an electricity blackout.

The teaching staff of Agwata PS was also trained in basic computer skills. The teachers are now able to type and print out exams for their students; a task they used to outsource. This has brought down administrative expenses. Students’ records are now maintained digitally as well.

The pupils have been taught the theory of computer use. A practical lessons- schedule was drawn up to give the pupils a chance to get hands on experience. They are very excited about learning how to use computers.  

Parents of the pupils are also very supportive of this ICT project. They are more willing to contribute towards paying the school’s electricity bill because the school now offers computer lessons to their children.

Present Challenges
Agwata Primary School only has two computers being shared by both pupils and teachers which is quite challenging.

“We have a problem of overcrowding,” said Mr Yusufu Saddik Munu, the Deputy Head Master. Two computers are too few a number for the whole school.

Out of excitement, some pupils press all sorts of buttons on the keyboard which is quite destructive.  The neighbourhood has also experienced several thefts of solar panels with schools being the hardest hit. Agwata PS has therefore, employed a night guard to secure their solar panel.

The school currently does not have access to the internet. The administration is also a little sceptical about exposing the pupils to the internet because of some of the dangers that it presents.

With just two computers Agwata Primary School is making big strides. The school hopes to get more funding that will enable them to purchase even more computers.

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