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Weekly Roundup 17th -23rd November 2014 PDF Print E-mail

1. MTNs latest bug. Initiated by John Babirukamu

When you are subscribing for an internet package, you get a message that the operation has failed but when you try again, you are billed twice..




I now hate buying bundles.


I have been a victim of this bug. I ended up with 70MB for 24hours which I couldn't use up.


I also just noticed that MTN’s option to pay for bundles by Mobile money doesn’t work. Do MTN employees use their USSD Menus?

(Response: Your problems will one way or other be taken care of with Vodafone joining the market. Response : Uganda’s problem is “anything white is good and black is bad”)

Conclusion/ Remarks

Can we have a comment from an MTN systems developer or analyst on the forum?


They issued a statement Albeit no mention of a refund to those who lost money.


I’ve replaced SIM  with one from Airtel where I can get a bundle for internet, minutes, and sms


A new player brings something new to the table, and our past shows that that always improves the market.

2. Fingerprint Readers Initiated By Anthony Nuwagaba

Am looking for biometric readers like those used by financial institutions to register one for a financial card.


Contact Philip Bunjo  of CP Plus Opposite Ganesh Plaza Tel: 0772985511




Conclusion/ Remarks

Techno Brain Ltd has those, that come with web-based software which can also be accessed anywhere by mobile devices .

Contact +256759149423

3. Notable Cyber Attacks. Initiated by CERT

A list of the major cyber attacks that happened around the world during the 1st half of this month





Conclusion/ Remarks

Can we start to include attacks that are happening locally?

4. Meet five-year-old Microsoft certified professional Initiated By Robert Lutaaya

I obtained my Microsoft Certified Professional certification at the age of 24 and this boy has got it at 5 yrs!!!


He will become Microsoft certified software engineer by 6yrs.


We shouldn't only look at the achievement but also the process he has gone through to achieve it. It could have been torturous.


Applaud those  who turned their infant into a  bigger tool than themselves?

Conclusion/ Remarks

Why are kids even rushed through various classes to finish study quickly? And then what?

5. Security Tip regarding stolen phone Innitiated by CERT

Dial *#06# on your phone to know your IMEI, used to track a stolen phone. Also always keep receipt of second hand phone bought.


UG-CERT has a working relationship with a private investigation firm called  BMS investigations which specialises in tracking down lost or stolen Phones, i-Pads or Laptops. You can get in contact with BMS investigations at 0414695612 or Mobile: 0700436961. Their offices are in the Post Office building Annex, Room 341A.

Note that they are not the only firm in the country that can do this for you, so you can look around for the best option.


Unfortunately, it seems that Samsung IMEI can be altered. Nokia phones are safer in this respect.

@CERT, what is so hard implementing phone and network based security?

Conclusion/ Remarks

Is it standard procedure to pay money to police to track lost phone? (Response : Money was paid but ipad not recovered , not sure if procedure works.)


When should we engage  the police , after phone has been located by the telcos?


Android or samsung phones can be tracked through google or sansung, but registration must take place before the phone is lost.If it is not recovered, it can be blocked


To register with Sumsang, look under Settings; Location/ security; Remote control.



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