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What issues should NITA-U look at first? PDF Print E-mail

31 August 2009 

The National Information Technology Authority has been set up and is now operational. Although still under the stewardship of the Ministry of ICT, the authority is set to take over projects being implemented and overseen by the ministry.

Over the past two years, a number of issues have come up that may be of interest to the authority to look into, some of these include the issues discussed at this year's internet governance forum including:

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1. cyber security - Uganda needs to urgently look at the protection of citizens as more and more people go online and get access to ICTs

2. IPv6 - Uganda lacks a strategy to transition to IPv6, which may leave us all vulnerable in 5 years time when IPv4 runs out. a strategy needs to be qucikly put in place and actualised.

3. the manageme of the cc TLD - This ongoing debate needs to get a home and care takeer to ensure that Uganda's virtual real estate is not misapproriated in the future.

If you have an issue that you think the authority should look into, please post it here.

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