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Weekly Discussion Roundup 1st-7th December, 2014. PDF Print E-mail

1. I-Network should setup a Whatsapp forum as well. Initiated by Jubilee Erisania Amooti

A suggestion made by one of the members.


“I propose that I-Network creates a Whatsapp forum where members can share ideas through messages. I’m sure we have members who take a day or two without checking their emails but on Whatsapp they do after an hour.”

“IMO, a smarter, cleaner thing would've been to build an I-Network Forum App - that way, not only can we keep the forum accessible outside email, but we can use email as a transport protocol, build encryption and member anonymity on top of that, allow topic and content search, provide member-post history, offer topic statistics, have a brows able member directory, etc.”

“To take it a notch higher, let I- Network setup a robocall service too. When a message is sent, a robo call voice message is broadcast to all numbers with the message details.”



“Too much overhead. I wouldn't support this...”

“Groups on Whatsapp are limited to 100 participants...”

“We already have challenges with adhering to the present rules and regulations, the informality of Whatsapp will make it even more arduous.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

I-Network will NOT set up an official Whatsapp group as the nature of discussion are best carried out via email. However, members who are interested can set up their own independent ICT Whatsapp groups.

2. NITA-U in carrying out a mass registration exercise. Initiated by Mariam Nchai

Mass Registration of IT Service Providers, Training Institutions and Professionals


“The National Information Technology Authority-Uganda (NITA-U) has developed a Draft National IT Certification Framework for IT Service Providers/Products, IT Education and Training Institutions and IT Professionals.”

“One of the [reasons for registration] is to attract fees but the other is to get willing participants so that the rules apply to only those that have sought conformance and eventually the non-registered ones are driven out of business/operation especially when dealing with reputable organisations and Government.”



“[NIT-U]shouldn't you be doing this [registration] after the framework has been finalized and a clear criteria is put down to define who an IT professional is, what an IT training institution is.”

“There is a lot of information at the URSB that NITA-U can use. This is just creating another red tape in the process. What are the implications of the registration?”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“In preparation for the roll out of the framework NITA-U is conducting mass registration of all IT Service providers, IT Training Institutions and IT Professionals in the country. You are thus requested to register [online].”


3. MTN’s excuses on short code harmonisation. Initiated by James Wire

MTN needs a better excuse- article


“It becomes a nightmare if one has to recall different short codes for different networks to access the same service. This is one of the reasons the harmonisation [across all networks] is essential.”



“I therefore find this excuse of subscribers being used to the current codes as a mockery of our intelligence.”

“UCC has not done its job in sensitizing the public regarding this change.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“Let UCC come out and inform the public (like they did for SIM card registration) so that the public does not get the wrong perception about the Telco’s that need to conform.”


4. NITA-U site hacked. Initiated by Emma Muganwa

On Friday 5th December, 2014 the NITA-U website was hacked into.





“The only thing I can advise NITA-U is to reduce the number of forms they have on their website for registration because these are like nectar for hackers.”

“The NITA website being a Drupal 7 web site, a few weeks back there was a big security threat that was found in Drupal 7. It is HIGHLY CRITICAL!"

“Most WordPress and Drupal admin s leave several default options, such as login, etc.”



Conclusion/ Remarks

“I hope the CERT will tell us what happened here.

Also this should be a wakeup call to all of us, we need to secure our infrastructure and continuously review our security controls.”

“Long story short, hackers can easily run SQL Injection attacks [on Drupal 7websites]. The good news is it was fixed.

“All in all, sites should be designed in assembly language. Hackers would have to learn it before hacking your site.”


5. MTN prepaid roaming charges. Initiated by Nicholas Dumba


“The EU has a reasonable plan to normalize roaming costs within Europe, i.e., no difference between roaming and local calls within the EU.”

“MTN (maybe Smart too), [have] roaming partnership with Burundian operators.”



“[While in Burundi] for a call of 58 seconds, I have been charge UGX5,000 and for a call of 34 seconds, I have been charged UGX1,800.”

“Imagine sending an SMS [while roaming] and they charge you UGX 1900.”

“The fact that costs of roaming may be high in some EAC countries does not add up just wondering. How are the businesses harmonizing themselves to join the moving train?”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“Roaming is a premium service world over.”

“It’s cheaper getting a local SIM card in the country you are visiting.”

“The solution is go online and avoid mobile services when traveling.”

“[Roaming costs also depend on a country’s] taxation on both incoming and outgoing calls.”



The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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