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This is a consolidation of a discussion on I-Network Mailing list 

Dear Members

I am borrowing a thread from the LUG list for us to discuss.

The Bank of Uganda commissioned a website that cost them US$ 50,000 in 2007. But todate, the website has never been online. http://www.bou.or.ug

Archives on this issue online are here
Scroll down towards the bottom.

Now, some questions to sincerely ask the BOU IT department:
1. What were the TORs for that website to justify the cost in 2007?
2. Why is the website online?
3. Did the country get value for money?

Wire James

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James, maybe you added a zero by mistake...Probably you meant $5,000. I have been in web development for quite a while; I imagine a site with a price tag like that probably has air conditioning and an online massage facility; if you look at it close enough, it massages you. I can't see any other way that money can be accounted for...

Peter Kakoma


That is the actual price of that website. $50,000. We received a Request for Proposal around that time, but the requirements were tougher than an Acholi getting into Mi6. For a small firm like ours anyways.

My sources in BOU say it was eventually done by a Kenyan firm, and BOU is far from happy with the outcome (At least that's what their PR people told me some time back) I'm sure a lot of us are interested in this particular project went (or didn't). Maybe someone more involved in the project here could give us an analysis?

Benge Solomon King

Hi Peter,

You didn’t click the link, obviously. He meant 50.000USD http://technology.mswahili.org/index.php#post-12
This is a big figure, and its unfortunately we can not say if it was worth it. (well we can, at this moment it isn’t) But smart sites, with a lot of functionality that can handle a LOT of users might indeed cost a lot of money. Or as the expression goes: facebook wasn't built in one day.

Reinier Battenberg

Hi guys,

In their defense, the website was actually up. I cannot give specifics but there was a time someone from BOU who I was assisting with another project requested me for an unofficial audit.

I can confirm that the website was up from 4th April 2009 (when I first accessed it) to about mid July (when I last accessed it). And yes, it was running on OpenCMS, although I was never given access to the back end. So I believe the website was up for a considerable period of time.But here's the catch:

According to the person who requested my assistance, people abroad (and outside their local hosting ISP, which I will not name) where complaining that they couldn't access the website. I did a few simple global ping checks over a few days and they always showed the website as unreachable (time-outs, no-response from server, DNS errors, etc) from anywhere except Uganda.

Truth is, from what I saw, justifying the $50,000 cost was impossible. The most complex thing I saw was a document directory, which they said they had to update manually. I'd honestly value the cost of the actual website I saw (front end) at less than $2,000. Include a (Open Source) backend for the exact functionality I saw and maybe, just maybe you might reach $5,000. $50,000? I don't think so.

James, I cannot give you the contacts/name of the person I dealt with, as I respect people's privacy a whole lot. I'll dig up contacts of their PR/Communications department though and hopefully you can take it on from there.

Douglas, I do not have those documents any longer, unfortunately. Perhaps Mr. Edward Baliddawa should be able to help? Around that time he had informed me that Uganda Homepages had submitted a bid-interest and had received the full TOR.

Benge Solomon King

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9. Solomon King Benge
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