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By Stella Nekesa - CfS

An educated woman is a great asset to a nation because she is the homemaker and has the task to nurture children. In spite of this, they are greatly underrepresented when it comes to technology . They face challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and discrimination when getting training and education, therefore it is not surprising that there  is definitely a huge gap when it comes to accessing ICTs.. The DOT COM era has benefited men more than women because boys and men have more freedom of movement to get to the cafes and have more access to make and spend money at these cafes.

Through various government and private initiatives, there have been efforts to improve access of information to women. Women can now compete equitably with men in the job market and also pull themselves out of poverty. They can start up subsistence businesses through access to information from the internet especially social networks (facebook, whatsapp, viber, hangouts e.t.c).

ICT has helped women use the internet as a platform not only to advocate for their rights but also lobby policy makers into discussing policies that favor them.
Without access to ICT, women are at greater risk of being left behind as agents of change and leaders in a rapidly changing global society. We must therefore ensure that women, as well as men, at all social levels, can access and use ICTs.
Girls and women must be supported in becoming technologically competitive and they must gain proper understanding of how to use it safely and effectively. With Uganda’s biggest population being the youth, addressing these issues is imperative in any effort to promote women's employability and financial independence.

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