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Lorna Okeng, and her start-up Telemuseum is one of the winners of Challenge 1 at the  ITU Telecom World 2014 held in Doha Qatar. Challenge 1 is on Local Digital Content.

TeleMuseum aims to preserve cultural and historical content by converting available local content, into a virtual cinema inspired interactive space. Here, locally written script is converted into audio and further converted into virtual animated inspired setting for visual aid. TeleMuseum hopes to kill boredom by creating a new aura towards African history for the young generation and further aims to create a much better appreciation and hunger for cultural content. TeleMuseum aims to provide a fun environment of accessing relevant local historical content.
Lorna Okeng Atim was born on 13/11/1989.
She is a Tech enthusiast and girl child evangelist passionate about using technology as a tool to address some real world challenges and OVERLY excited about finding new ways of exploiting already existing technologies to maximize information accessibility and availability.

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