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The National IT Authority(NITA) has had Mr.Ambrose Ruyonka removed from its board because he sits on another body, Uganda Institute and Communication Technology (UICU) board. http://www.monitor.co.ug/artman/publish/sun_news/Rift_as_IT_Authority_is_set_up_92367.shtml If you thought what I said earlier about the membership of the NITA board as just a joke, wait and see how far this whole NITA project goes.The Chairman of the ICT Committee in Parliament is also now suspected of business links to the man proposed to replace Mr.Ruyonka as they are business partners in one of Kampala business out-fits. The position is going to be advertized but I do not remember any advert for the already filled board positions in the media. Why is this one going to be treated differently? Mr.Ruyonka, did you apply to be a board member of NITA? Did Ahmed Kaliisa, Betty Bigombe and the rest actually see an advert in a News paper and apply for these vacancies on the NITA board?

Like I have said before, our work ethic is so poor that we seem neither interested in looking where we are going nor looking where we want to go.

Ladies and gentlemen, I said it sometime back that some of those board members were actively involved in business dealings with government through their private companies during CHOGM & the National Fibre Backbone project while holding public/civil service positions in the same government,which constitutes a conflict of interest and an unacceptable ethical behavior. What about being a Chairman of a Parliamentary Committee when your company is doing business with government in a sector so specific with what you're supposed to offer oversight? This is very serious!

Unfortunately, our standards and quality as a people are very low that this does not raise eyebrows to many. ICT Minister Aggrey Awor is trying to defend this crap also?

How times have changed!!!



Key contributions to this discussion:

Hi All

As pasted from the Ministry website please find the NITA-U mandate and objectives (opens new window) Very grand and if even partiallyachieved Uganda will have moved forward in ways beneficial to all. More the reason that this body is set up and allowed to grow. For the last few years since the ministry was setup one of the excuses allong the ministry corridors was blaming parliament for delaying the NITA-U bill.

The Bill is now passed and the MOICT seems to be making delibarate mistakes for want of a better word.

James wire kindly set up an online pettition, i urge all members to please sign it http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/constitute-nita-u-professionally.html

I also again as a member urge the I-network to arrange for dialogue between us the users and the MOICT to enlighten us since there seems to be deafening silence. I know

this request has been made before but since there was no response i'm assuming the email did not get to the right people so i'm making it once again.

The era of Refusing to confront or acknowledge a problem of putting our heads in the sand and hoping that it will be sorted by someone else should stop. On a daily basis i

see emails about users complaining about communications services. An effective NITA-U will work towards a better service experience so i urge all listers to get involved

now lets sort this out now.

We really have a few options.

Stand aside as our industry is driven into a black hole and then demand for an investigation to tell us what we saw happening. Or become part of the solution that prevents an avoidable disaster.

Once again i will call on our dsitingushed honourables firstly please sign the petition but to our Hon Chairperson of the ICT committee in my book this is the defining moment for us as civil society to value and respect the work of your committee. This is the time that the legislator and civil service should come together and make good for the industry.

Private sector has done very well to date giving us one of the most vibrant sectors in the region, we are not asking for too much. Uganda is now connected to the rest of the world by Fiber again thanks to Private sector. We need to connect Arua, Gulu, Soroti, and the rest of the country, where's NITA-U ?. Our neighbours have already started, but we are still trying to figure out how to start. Our neighbours not only built an undersea cable from Mombasa to furgiarha but also have built an extensive and functional national backbone. It's not that we as nation cannot do a good job, but it is that we as a nation accept our office bearers to wrong and then exhault too much energy and resources complaining and wicthhunting after the event.

The era of Refusing to confront or acknowledge a problem of putting our heads in the sand and hoping that it will be sorted by someone else should stop. On a daily basis i see emails about users complaining about communications services. An effective NITA-U will work towards a better service experience so i urge all listers to get involved now lets sort this out now.

Badru Ntege



I think Wire's approach is excellent, start digital, get 1000's of signatures then match onto Parliament with them




I suggest we keep everything civil at this stage. Lets not muddy the waters the simple issue at the moment is operationalisation of NITA-U.

Insinuating that anything else is at hand is counter productive as we have seen many a times. Lets take a bite at a time and not politicise the issue at hand beyond expecting our elected legislators to do the oversight and due diligence they were elected to do. And the civil servants to implement what the Act expects.

For now in my case that’s as far as i want to travel on this issue.

You might have other issues but i think we need to stick on point (NITA-U).



Thanks James

Elisha we are still waiting on the public engagement can i suggest we set a date and make an invitation to the MOICT plus legislators. A pettition is good but we should aslo show that we have treid to dialogue. So an invitation should be made, whether the concerned parties choose to accept it or ignore it we will have an outcome.

The deafening silence from the concerned parties worries me but should make us more determined to right this wrong now than later. I understand that more members have resigned from the board of NITA-U which effectively means that we nolonger have quorum and thus no Board.

We are also now counting on the i-network to take a lead. Honourables you have also gone silent.

Lets sign the pettition but lets also have a public meeting this week.



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James Wire
Badru Ntege
Godfey Kyama
Edward Baliddawa
Gordon Sematiko
Joan Kyokutamba
Douglas A. Musunga
Fredrick Kiapi
Edward Baliddawa
Elisha Wasukira
Davis J Weddi
Fiona Batwala
Gwoke Joachim
Stephen Musoke


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More information on the NITA-U and the board

-The sections of NITA-U Act governing the board 


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