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Gilat promotes high performance broadband satellite communications solutions in East Africa for Deve PDF Print E-mail

9 November 2009

Kampala, Uganda, November 5, 2009 - Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a blue chip company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has urged East African governments to maximize usage of Satellite technologies in order to spur development in the region.

At a seminar hosted in Kampala yesterday (Thursday), Gilat Chief Executive Officer Erez Antebi, said the company had established during its twenty years’ of experience that satellite technologies provided more realistic solutions in Africa.

“Gilat has a long history in deploying networks in Africa helping governments and corporations to provide widespread broadband communications that enhance the economy and improve the quality of life,” Antebi told seminar attendants at the Kampala Serena Hotel this morning.

“Our VSAT technology has enabled affordable connectivity to hundreds of African companies and organizations in regions where terrestrial infrastructure is lacking or nonexistent. We address the challenges of implementing large scale rural communications projects and how our technology can enable service providers and governments to overcome these challenges,” he added.

At the seminar, attended by business and government leaders, Gilat presented the latest satellite-based broadband data, Internet, video and voice solutions, and demonstrated how they positively impact growing organizations in the enterprise, financial and government sectors.

Gilat is one of the world’s leading providers of satellite-based broadband communications networks. In Africa, Gilat has successfully deployed VSAT networks at thousands of locations nationwide, including in Kenya, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Tanzania, Ethiopia and South Africa. Working with government agencies, telecommunications operators (telcos) and satellite service providers, Gilat VSAT networks have helped improve the effectiveness of critical Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) projects.

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