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Uganda celebrates World Software Freedom day PDF Print E-mail

BY Esther Nakkazi

ImageWorldwide especially at this point in time free open source software (FOSS) looks more attractive than ever. It is at this time that most companies are looking at cutting costs due to the world economic recession and therefore seeking out FOSS. The Uganda market is not different.

“The number of people who know about free and open-source software is much higher now in Uganda and the awareness is far greater,” said Simon Vass of E-tech at this year’s event in comparison to last year.

Hundreds of teams celebrated Software freedom day in different locations on the globe. Software freedom is about a technology future that is trustworthy, sustainable and does not negatively impact on the basic human freedoms we take for granted. 

Uganda joined the rest of the world to celebrate World freedom Software day On 19th September. The theme was ‘using FOSS to combat the Global downturn’. Exhibitors included the East African Centre for Open Source Software (EACOSS) and Second life.

ImageAccording to Mr. Vass more Ugandan companies are embracing the use of FOSS to cut costs like all other business players in the world market because the Uganda market is not different.  This is the second time World Software day is celebrated in Uganda after last year’s event.

“I have never experienced this type of software. I will use it if it can integrate it with my programmes,” said Nasser a software developer who attended the function at the National Software Incubation Center, faculty of computing and IT, Makerere University.

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