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Findings of the QoS survey by UCC PDF Print E-mail

15 December 2009

A public workshop held by UCC yesterday gave key highlights of the findings of and recommendations of a survey carried out on Quality of Service (QoS) this year. The survey covered 11 districts of Uganda including Kampala with just over 500 respondents.

Interesting findings include:
1. 26% of respondents carry more than one sim card, which could imply that total subscriber numbers provided by UCC need to be multiplied by 0.74 to get real number of subscribes

2. 70% of respondents picked their current subscriber based on reputation (word of mouth from friend or relative). Subscribers do not use or have access to any information on QoS  parameters when making decisions on subscription for services.

3. For consumers that are satisfied with service, they were mainly satisfied with network coverage at 69.4%. Coverage and quality of voice were the most important aspects of satisfaction.

4. Consumers were unhappy about congestion / access and MTN was perceived as the worst when looking at specific performance especially TCH congestion and call drop rates.

Key conclusions:
1. Large majority of subscribers (70% of those surveyed) are satisfied with the quality of service within the telecom sector in Uganda BUT an acceptably high percentage is still dissatisfied.

2. UCC should expand and refine Quality of service parameters, review methodology and periodicity of evaluation/ enforcement of these parameters

3. UCC should publicize the results of these parameters to enable informed choices by consumers.

4. UCC should change its current mindset from being investor centric to playing a more active role in consumer education and empowerment.


The feedback received at the workshop shall be incorporated into the final report which is due early next week and shall be available at the UCC website .

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