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Uganda host to regional Internet Governance Forum PDF Print E-mail

By Lillian Nalwoga

Uganda will host the 3rd East African Internet Governance Forum (EA-IGF) in 2010. This was disclosed at this year’s EA-IGF held in Nairobi 7th -9th September 2009 by Hon. Nathan Nabeta Igeme, the chairperson of the ICT Committee in Parliament.

South Sudan and Somalia pledged to participate in the 2010, EA-IGF in Uganda, which will continue to build dialogue among stakeholders to address and influence public policy issues related to Internet Governance at national and regional levels.

It will also explore issues of cyber crime, policy regulatory requirements, consumer issues, critical Internet resources, and access to broadband from national and regional perspectives.

The EA-IG Forum aims at creating a community of practice that will build a sustaining foundation for meaningful participation of East African stakeholders in Internet public policy debates at the national, regional and international level.

The model is designed with a bottom up multi-stakeholder approach, which begins at the national level with a mailing list discussion in each of the five East African countries moderated by a national animator.

This is then followed by national face-to-face Internet Governance Forums (IGFs) to continue discussions and debates.

The IGFs validate the issues identified and begin to explore recommendations and solutions. The national IGFs then form the building block for the regional East African IGF

The EA-IGF model aims at informed participation, contribution and engagement of community members through the sharing of experiences and skills.

It also facilitates solving common problems and challenges as well as the creation of new knowledge and increasing local capacity and talent in Internet Governance issues.

The EA-IGF was first convened in 2008 with participation from four of the East African countries Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. It has run for two consecutive years hosted in Nairobi, Kenya. Its success has identified a need for continued dialogue on Internet Governance issues in the region.

The lessons learnt from previous meetings have also created momentum and desire for the process to be repeated and improved in 2010.

More details about this meeting will be made available early next year.

Visit the EA-IGF website to read more about the EA-IGF (http://eaigf.or.ke)

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